Death Notice ~ “No family has come forward at this time.”

I found a couple of possible sisters and checked to see if the first on the list could be contacted by a Facebook page. Several of her posts were public and I could leave a comment. But could I even take the time to continue to search I am really too busy.

Then I saw this post on the page of this possible sister…

(if you do not have Facebook to see this link – SEE BELOW for a You Tube version easy link.)

And in comments one of her friends had said about this video:

“That’s what all creatures deserve, to be with ones they love when they pass. That is a “good” death.”

I thought I might choke with tears, I could take time to try to find family.


It all started with my looking for my old friend. As a family historian, finding people is a piece of cake and after looking through some old pictures, I thought to look for my friend.

She had not been recognizably found on Facebook. She might be one of the same name with no photo or a non-person profile picture. There were several of the same name – which is the often the case.

As with any person search, looking for her being mentioned in newspapers, specifically obituaries, and other records that put her with her family, will often help to find people that know the person you are looking for. I might not find her on Facebook or in Phone or City Directories but maybe I can find her sister or brother, if her parents have passed.

No matter what there are almost always multiple people with the same name. Searching on Facebook you might find a dozen people of same and similar name. If they happen to have not hidden their friends list you might find the siblings, parents and cousins among their friends and if there are names from obituaries and death notices, marriage and birth announcements then you might have a match for finding the correct person by matching them to family.

My search last fall, with the throwback photos was after hurricane Harvey and I knew my friend could be in that storm based on where she used to live, and so had a peek to see if she was on line.

I did the usual, and quickly located not only records to give me the names of family but also public records with my friend’s birth date. There was a tree on “Ancestry” (see link below) that had a photo of her dad and she is the spitting image of him so I knew I had found my friend. Well, not her, but her info. Turned out her sister had not heard from her in years either and that was the end of that.

This last week, the same pictures, all over again, and I just did a simple “boolean search”

(see links below: New York Public Library “Boolean searches allow you to combine words and phrases using the words AND, OR, NOT (known as Boolean operators) to limit, broaden, or define your search. A good researcher should know how to do a Boolean Search.”)

And this time, a death notice turns up, not enough information to really identify anybody, but the same name.

Age xx – the right age. Died four months ago. And the only other information is:

“No family has come forward at this time.”

Oh how sad.

I emailed the funeral home and sent a photo but I did not hear back, so I called them. This lady did not have the same birth date as my friend so it was not her.

But the funeral home also said no one had come forward as of now for this lady with the same name. Adding, notices had been legally placed, no one came forward, and she was cremated. They were holding her ashes until June 27th, and after, her ashes would be scattered into the Gulf of Mexico. The lady noted the cost to pay the county back and that as of June 27th anyone could claim her if they paid the bill. About $1,700 with post.

It only takes a second and with the new birth date, it is easy to lock in a search for a specific person and I quickly found this lady in an obituary for her father. At the time her father died, her paternal grandmother was still alive, as well as her mother, and she has a sister who is named and where she lives – at that time at least – the obit was more than 30 years ago.

Her sister has a relatively unusual surname and this death and obit was so long ago, it is hard to know if she has kept a married name herself or changed – but then with City Directories, Public Records and Newspapers I begin to see three, maybe four women who might be this sister to varying degrees of iffy and maybe, but all with the same name.

And then I check one profile and there was this touching story about the dying chimp who has the friend who comments.

“That’s what all creatures deserve, to be with ones they love when they pass. That is a “good” death.”

I don’t know if this lady’s family will be found, but if they look for her on the internet they will find the trail of digital crumbs. will remember her for about a year from the Tampa Bay Times death notice.

And now she has a findagrave memorial and she is linked to her father and he is linked to his mother. And I left a note for a lady that might or might not be her sister who will at least be notified, if it is her. It only took a (few) second(s).



There is no way to describe the importance of newspapers in all searches. Just one of the websites below. Check to see what papers a site has, for what years, before you subscribe – most are very different from each other, so read up what the offerings are, one might have many more of your families newspapers than another.

always for searching – the biggest


boolean search

Look for obituaries and death notices in the websites that now carry not only the notices but also a place for notes to those passed or their family.

1 Copy of laycock ernest 1985 1




The family HAS BEEN notified!




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