Gedmatch ~ Baby, Baby, Baby I Love You. Its so easy, jump in, the water is fine and the matches are too.

Update, Thursday August 16th, 2018: RIP to the Queen of Soul. From Tuesday when I wrote this, and I had heard the Queen of Soul was in Hospice, I knew then I could not write a word without her – it did not matter if it was off topic or not. Now two days later she is gone. See a link to her music below.

UPDATE: 2019. There is a major update needed for the sites changes of the pages and their looks and their new partners. It will unfortunately have to wait for more information about their sharing. It breaks my heart. Too many of my folks have expressed concerns – better to wait and then decide.


I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write first this morning – either the sad news of Aretha Franklin’s illness, a woman who is an institution – in America – in the world; or about Gedmatch which is becoming a world institution in its own right. I don’t know if Gedmatch folks can sing or not, but they have me singing – whoopee – when I find the matches I am looking for on their website.

Baby I love you AND Gedmatch!

When us boomers get full blown dementia – what on earth are we going to say? Be sure to visit You Tube and listen to the Queen of Soul sing her 1967 hit, or her personal website below. I do hope Aretha pulls through this setback and recovers to give us her friendship a little longer. She made it all look and sound easy.


And Gedmatch makes it easy – it doesn’t always look so easy – but it is – keep on clicking! (See also my blog for Aretha and the hope she will be well)

I would not have mentioned Aretha here at all, but I have been working toward adding a music video to my blogs. I went looking for an ‘I love You’ song and of course Aretha came up and this sad news of her illness. The soul of DNA and genetic matching is music to my ears and most of the blogs are so dry. For one I have added my love of my Finnish DNA – a fraction – but nonetheless and shared The Leningrad Cowboys, “Sweet Home Alabama” and in another blog I added Wolfshager Hexenbrut troupe dancing to Peter Fox’s Schuttel Deinen Speck! And i hope to make it a tradition instead of an exception.

Why Gedmatch? Why not? Tall, dark and handsome and so smart, and will take you all kinds of places that you will love to go. Take the journey and just try to keep up with them, but of course they have something for everybody and make it easy for you to love the route.

They have genetic matching, and gedcoms (family trees) and you can take that au-DNA of yours, combine it with your y-DNA (and mt-DNA and X-gene) knowledge and continue triangulating and proving ancestral lines and branches.

Gedmatch is exciting with all the tools found nowhere else and because they can communicate with so many different testing companies then you open the world of matches not found in any single company.

If one person tests their DNA with AncestryDNA and another person tests at Family Tree DNA – even if they are related they will never see each other because they are not in the same database. The first thing I suggest when I get a new match is – go to Gedmatch. I really don’t even have to write up step by step directions for the website because they have it simply explained and steps easy to find right there on their page…

Start by going to their website – they will even tell you how to download your raw data and this is most important for several reasons. You need to download and keep a copy of your raw data on backup for safe keeping and preservation, and there are several websites that take uploads from other testing companies so one can expand matches and genetic genealogy tools and you need your copy to do that.

So, back up your raw DNA data and trees and gedcoms and pictures and documents. This is a first lesson in how to access your data and backup your DNA and research.

For y-DNA family line and surname matching and researching the au-DNA is such an underused tool. It is not cheap, but have several family line au-DNA carriers in the same database with the guys’ y-DNA matching and you can see not only the y-DNA SNP that distinguishes a male line of a family, but you can also find them on au-DNA chromosomes and know – ‘there, that abc segment of so’n’so chromosome is John Doe or Mary Smith.

Let’s go –


Copy 2 of gedmatch 1

Page one of Gedmatch – I often worry did I get to the right website or some knockoff in searching around the web – but there is only one Gedmatch and this is the page. Click to make a free account at the Not Registered link.


Copy 2of gedmatch 2

What could be easier – right there top right of page one Raw Data File Uploads LINK and click. Remember to take notes for downloading and get and save a copy of your raw data UNOPENED.



Copy 1of gedmatch 3

How easy is this? – Click your company and they will tell you what to do. I bet you notice 23andme is not on the list if you tested with them. See next screen capture.


Copy2 of gedmatch 4

And my blog gedmatch part 2a will have to take up most of this page info thoughts and raves. But if you have leartned about this you might already know someone who is on Gedmatch already. When you upload initially it will take some time before it is batched and ready to use all the many features. But in-between if you know the gedmatch kit number of a relative you can immediately check one to one; you do not have to wait for anything. Note at the bottom right of this page the GENESIS BETA and if you tested with 23andme this is where you will start for your upload

The website Gedmatch has multiple features in genetic matching, gedcom searching tools for the beginner and tools for the expert. Multiple admixture tools to see your genes in relation to several different reference populations and fun tools like ‘were your parents related?’ or ‘guess your eye color.’

Copy of Copy 1of gedmatch 2

With the loss of mito-search and y-search I have turned to GEDmatch more and more hoping there is a notation of the haplogroup(s) of matches. You can compare yourself, compare your matches, see the amounts of cMs between different matches which is invaluable in understanding exactly how two people are related.

It is a wonderful tool – the first suggestion for anyone new with results –

Gedmatch? Baby I love it!


I wrote this blog (below) comparing only the admixture of several companies – and since they all change so often – the blog is all but out of date – but it does show screen captures of several of the admixture tools for gedmatch and how great they are!

Aretha: Baby, I Love Your = thoughts and prayers to her and all her family

If you want my lovin’
If you really do
Don’t be afraid baby
Just ask me
Ya know I’m gonna give it to you
Oh and I do declare (I do)
I wanna see you with it
Stretch out your arms little boy
Your gonna get it
‘Cause I love you oh
(Baby, baby, baby I love you)
There ain’t no doubt about it
Baby I love you
(Baby, baby, baby I love you)
I love you, I love you, I love you
I love you, baby I love you
If you feel you wanna kiss me
Go right ahead I don’t mind
All you got to do is snap your fingers
And I’ll come a runnin, I ain’t lyin’
(I ain’t lyin’)
And oh what you want
Little boy you know you got it
I’d deny my own self
Before I see you without it
‘Cause I love you
(Baby, baby, baby I love you)
Ain’t no doubt about it baby I love you
(Baby, baby, baby I love you)
I love you, I love you, I love you,
I love you, baby I love you
Someday ya might wanna run away
And leave me sittin’ here to cry
But if it’s all the same to ya baby
I’m gonna stop you from sayin’ goodbye
Baby I love ya (baby, baby, I love ya)
Baby I need ya (baby, baby I need ya)
Said I want ya (baby baby I want ya)
Got ta have ya baby (baby baby I love ya)
Don’t let your neighbors tell ya I don’t want ya
(Baby, baby I want ya)
Don’t let your lowdown friends
(Baby, baby I want ya)
Songwriters: Ronnie Shannon
Baby, I Love You lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc, Springtime Music Inc


Thank you YOU TUBE – I love you too… Old and hungry for knowledge – please keep it coming Google and You Tube and everybody

DNA In Song – I need to make page just for the music contents 

Aretha’s Baby, Baby, Baby I Love You


Peter Fox –

stop – it was too long winded – but down the page is the Finnish

Leningrad Cowboys –


Cherie Lynn’s French Broad River Families DNA Project

This is a join link for our DNA project for those who might need help – can’t always promise but I can always try.

if you have a ftDNA account and test already you can also join our project here

‘Baby, Baby, Baby I love you!’


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