Politics Forgotten ~I want the Haplogroups ~ rapid rabbit warren research or slow and steady, snapping turtle spoils. Do we have a winner?

I said from day one of the resurrection (2015/2016) of the controversy over the Native American ancestry of Senator Elizabeth Warren, former Democratic presidential candidate, that it was time she tested, but I also knew autosomal DNA would not likely settle the argument, only intensify it. You want more proof? There will be more proof and if we all team up we will have it!

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Everyone in this country except Native Americans wonder where they came from. Today the world searches for answers of origins and tries to grasp the past and heritage, including Native Americans curious about their now added heritage lines. Haplogroups are ancient – they are ancestors and we all can know the haplogroups of all our ancestors if we work hard enough in our research.

In 2012, during the previous round of Senator Warren’s ancestry controversy there were almost no Native DNA (autosomal-DNA) samples in the reference populations period and even as of this year there are still few. What does that mean? If they have little to no Native DNA to compare people to then they cannot say if a person has Native or not so the ordinary mail order testing is not for this question. So all the brou-ha-ha was a lie and I fell for it also. Companies could not admit the truth that the admixture readings are limited at best and only about 50% accurate according to one company and the admixture results labeled as ‘for entertainment purposes only and the basic tests cannot prove you do not have Native heritage and they have only ‘a small chance to prove you do have. But the day is dawning and more and more of our Native peoples of the Americas are testing so there are now people to compare to.

The admixture of the Americas is proving to be the melting pot it was always thought to be. Yes, many Africans do have some Native as do many Europeans and actually those with long American ancestries can expect to have a bit of everything as one would expect. Now I can meet in my matches the people who have 20% or 8% Native, or 7% Ashkenazim or 14% Iberian or Sub-Saharan African or Asian or Arctic Inuit. So one can now begin to see some of the heritage – but you really have to go to Gedmatch to hope to read snippets of Native heritage via admixture. (Test with Family Tree DNA [see below] and upload to gedmatch.com)

cherie fan chart dna best names

This is not a scientific chart – but illustrates that the admixture of people cannot be read far back in time. You see from the self in the center circle and read the percentages of how much you share of each generation back in time. But mt-DNA (and y-DNA) haplogroups can be read from today back 100s of 1,000s of years. The red line and the blue line represent just the maternal signature or the paternal signature that is read in those tests – the one line of father’s in blue or the one line of mother’s in red.

The beautiful mt-DNA and y-DNA haplogroups can answer questions admixture cannot. But few want all the work to search out a descendant carrying the y-DNA of a patriarch’s DNA, much less the difficulty of tracing to the present to test a matriarch’s mt-DNA through a descendant.

1Copy of 01a Copy of cherie known dna haplogroups

Using a combination of autosomal and y and mt DNA, I have established my relationship to each of these family lines with DNA.  Finding family who carry either the y-DNA or the mt-DNA is well worth the extra research. Then you can use autosomal DNA to prove your relationship to another person and learn the haplogroups of shared ancestors. You see in this list Sarah Ann Rebecca Gillespie Lewis had the mt-DNA haplogroup of U5a1 and this is learned from my cousins who tested both their autosomal and mt-DNA. Sarah’s mt-DNA reached in my line to my paternal grandfather who reared me.  My paternal aunt tested and gave me the H1ag1 mt-DNA haplogroup of my father and of his mother who reared me.  And there is my own mt-DNA haplogroup H10a1. Our family had a story that the 1st Thomas Knight’s wife was Native American and I have found a direct descendant of hers and am begging for him to test. his mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s was Mrs Thomas (Unnamed unknown) Knight.

Copy of mtdna pedigree chart

This chart is made from Ancestry.com’s trees. I wanted to understand where and how haplogroups fit together – go back in time and come forward into the future.  This is NOT scientific – it is only so i could wrap my mind around how it all works and so many have love to view the haplo tree this way – make your own for yourself with your own haplogroup(s). But be SURE to make it private so it will not confuse any public trees.

Copy of rawhide native 019

Mattaponi clay art. Snapping Turtle Ms. June Custalow Langston, daughter of the late Chief  Otha Thomas Custalow.

For the ancestry much of the work is done – and you would need more than one descendant of each ancestor to prove or not – so a lot of tests and a lot of team work – who will help? Where will we get the kits? and lets find us some haplogroup testing candidates!


The full PDF is here. http://freepages.rootsweb.com/~kgissy/genealogy/borakernl/55.pdf

Ms. Warren never claimed anything about Pocahontas – that is all politics – but I still think besides the Warren controversy – Pocahontas and her relatives have been left out. We should help there also out of respect. Maybe they want answers also and to find and see the magic and beauty of their own haplogroups.

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Copy of rawhide decks michael hurricane 044

Clay Head 1995 – Cherie Lynn

Join us to learn more about any ancestry.  The many families with many ancestries.


2Copy of rawhide native 016

Pamunkey clay art ~ Mother with baby by Mary Page Bradby circa 1935

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The most magnificen website for haplogroups – Haplogroup!



I looked for a story and this is the one that turned up – it was not intentional.


But the all time greatest resource for family history is rootsweb.com – it is free.

if you get off their site to the linked – they might want money but use your back button!

great tree with O C (maybe Oma – maybe Neoma…



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