DNACENTRAL! DNA Central Is 30% off ~ Today! News! Clues! From The Best And The Brightest

Instructor, teacher, extraordinaire, Blaine Bettinger is one of the people behind DNA-Central. They are offering 30% off for the annual subscription for the Black Friday Specials.

Mr Bettinger wrote: “…I am so excited for the developments planned for DNA Central in 2019! New lessons, new webinars (by myself and others), and of course the bi-weekly newsletter with all the latest in DNA (and there’s always something new!). Also in 2019, DNA Central will offer several guided courses (beginner and advanced) complete with homework, a final grade, and a certificate! Members of DNA Central will receive a *significant* discount on these guided courses! Today is the last day of the four-day special discount on a one-year membership, saving you 30% off the regular price! Join for just $69 today!…”

Here is the link for 30% OFF!



I had Mr Bettinger’s instruction for classes during a fantastic week of learning DNA for Genealogy at Institute training level last summer with the GRIP training.

Mr. Blaine Bettinger was clear and concise and his training gave me confidence and knowledge.

I am not making any money on any of the products or services I have recommended – and with any luck, maybe i can change that one day – in-between, I recommend from the heart!



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