ThruLines ~ Ancestry(.com)’s latest super fun tool – about as real as it can get!

Look at this chart! Just look at THIS chart! Isn’t this fun? And day one of my having the time to look and play with the newest feature of and their ThruLines – I see one of the most wonderful matches in all of genealogy research. We searched for my great grandfather’s little sister who married the son of Colonel West and moved out west. And not only does a record turn up but the DNA match to go with it!

Copy of cherie thrulines stripling

Just look at the wonderful new chart we get with’s new feature ThruLines! From the stories told my my grandmother Emma Pearl Stripling Knight and her sister Mary Ethel Stripling Flowers I knew about their paternal aunt Mary Emma Stripling West. My grandmother, Mamma to me, was named for gg Aunt Emma Stripling West. We knew Emma had gone out west and here in this new feature we not only see there is genealogical documentation for her; there is also a descendant who matches me in autosomal DNA. Whoo hoo! And more is how I remember Uncle Oscar and heard about Uncle Bill. And now, although we are all a country apart, our Stripling cousins are in touch and connected using DNA and social media!


Another  bonus for me in this new feature is the easy-to-find number of centiMorgans for the matches. We can make a judgement about the match based not only on the match in our trees for ancestors but also know how many centiMorgans should or could be shared between two people at this relationship.

Copy of thru

This is an important feature to help us judge whether a DNA match is actually related to us in the way we have it on our family tree.

thrulines page

These two potential ancestors are incorrect but it shows easily where there is a glitch in another’s tree where my mother was attached to some of their people. There are no shared centiMorgans (genes) and my mother is tested and I have relatives of hers tested on both her maternal and paternal sides.

Oh but they almost make this one too easy, and I will say I am glad we cannot yet add the potential folks to our trees because this feature is also a perfect notification when something is wrong. One of the new potential ancestors offers me a new set of grandparents, great grands and great great grands – Some one has a wee boo boo and attached my mother to their tree and the wrong ancestors. The tree person is not related, there are no shared centiMorgans and so in the great feedback link provided, Ancestry has allowed me to tell them there is a wee glitch. (I also wrote a quick note to the tree owner that mother should be deleted from their tree.)

Copy of thrulines page3

So many of the small number of shared cMs matches are thrown to the side – there are too many to flip through. But this new feature takes me right to a match I had not noticed – the second from the left, beside me. This is my paternal grandmother’s maternal side and like her dad’s side I also knew her Mom’s.  Emma Pearl reared me (all the people here were born more than 100 years ago).  I remember Lillie and her daughter who is blocked out for privacy. I remember Lillie’s brother, and we would sit with him for visits as he lay dying. I remember the house and all the visits wound up in the kitchen and cake and tea (although I liked black coffee from a very young age.) But this business of adding a father for Henry Alexander Sr – ???? John Alexander seen in the chart above, Well …  I will have to pass this by the family and see if anyone knows this or not. (I can also tell you the Alexander y-DNA haplogroup is an R1b family and is R-DF85)

david thruline John White -

This is an amazing and so gratifying way to see the matches and the research come to life. Will there be glitches and website crashes – I expect so, but one try after another and Ancestry is working always to make the experience special and real – and this is about as real as it gets!

Added Testing y-DNA and mt-DNA

In all this excitement we cannot forget – a major goal for me in DNA for genealogy is learning all ancestral lines’ haplogroups and having those relatives all match in autosomal DNA with the appropriate amounts. Reading and learning your amounts of shared centiMorgans is as important of knowing the rules of the road for driving a car – what side of the road – maternal or paternal? how fast 1st cousin 2x or great aunt? how much gas is needed to drive to 2nd cousin? how many RPMs OOPs cMs to rev ThruLines to 4th great grandfather – And REMEMBER – autosomal DNA has limitations.

But with your newfound, certain ancestors you can consider adding the old-fashioned testing for mt-DNA and y-DNA. In choosing a candidate to prove your ancestral lines in their y-DNA and mt-DNA you need to make sure you are related and this ThruLines tool shows you for certain the men and women among your cousins who could be the family representative for a paternal line or a maternal line.

The best company still for this testing in my book is Family Tree DNA and they also take uploads of the autosomal DNA from your AncestryDNA test so you can add another dimension to DNA for genealogy with all that the great great great grandfather of DNA testing offers.

We are close to 100 people in our project now – and once you test the y and mt you can join projects for your surnames and for your haplogroups – yet another dimension to using DNA evidence to establish proven tree.

01a Copy of cherie known dna haplogroups chart from a few years ago. I have matched in autosomal DNA cousins of each of these haplogroup marked lines. With the specific markers for each of these tests we can also join projects to study those of matching markers in y-DNA for both surnames and haplogroups. Remembering surnames have not been used many years and DNA can carry  us eons back in time with anthropology.


I know that our great teacher Blaine will have a perfect instruction for this on his page pronto – if not already.  I know he is teaching and enjoying the great convention in Salt Lake this week as these new features roll out. I will add the link to his page soonest!

You want also the website with all the latest

but in-between the most useful genetic genealogy group on Facebook is

Blaine’s blog and web page and all his instructions are just magnificent.

I always share about great info that other people are sharing. Leah is a great blogger and this is a great take on the likelihood that we all need to consider using au-DNA to prove each of our ancestral lines, that I show above, and then those relatives can share their y-DNA and their mt-DNA and we can truly establish wonderful family ancestries and with DNA evidence.

I suggest reading my blog on choosing your DNA candidates carefully


and this great blog below by Leah – shows us another reason why. And she explains it all so beautifully.




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