I Mean Do What? Research ONLY For Universities etc.? Give Archives ONLY To ProQuest For A Few Bucks And Not Give It To Google – Give It To The World!

And I have to use Google to answer the bloody question. Where can I get ProQuest… easy access and…? these databases where? BTW I live in bug tussle no where, am a senior and I really want to search Bulls-eye John’s descendants one more time.

You mean I cannot from any device in the world?


God love ProQuest? Ever impossible to access.

Kiss my grits. I want to learn too.

I asked Google – oh, tears poured from my eyes. I am sorry, but the recent and current scandals over buying an education hurt, when I have clawed my way, all my life, for every single scrap of learning I could get. How to access this and that and the other database? You cannot. Well, if you’re rich you can.


I am very happy for Proquest and wish well for all companies that are working.

Pay pay pay – and you can… buy what Proquest suggests…

“…Empowering information seekers to discover, grow and thrive…” lol

Play the word game – of what pops into your head

Euthanasia – old and tired.

Everything with added costs. I had Word as in Microsoft Word – but I’ll be damned – it seems it might run out as my CD might not upload in a new device with this coming Windows 10 revolution. Then what? I have to pay by the year? What happened to Word Star? Where is my 286? Where is the 486?

What about those stories? What do I do? I hate this computer. I can’t afford it. I can’t transfer it. I can’t retrieve it. My 2004 MS Word is no good.

Punch my ticket – let me go.

The hard disks and the floppys. A few hundred thousand words carried on those little devices – but irretrievable. Another few hundred thousand on a My Book back up, version 2005, and another My Book version 2015. Will they be accessible?

A couple of handwritten books of poetry. A labor of love of holding pen in hand and putting it to paper, with ink. Make more of those words and pictures

Today’s world is censored, just out of reach.

Technology and education – for the world, here too.

So WHO IS – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ProQuest


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