Nebula. (Google) …in astronomy: a cloud of gas and dust in outer space, visible in the night sky either as an indistinct bright patch or as a dark silhouette against other luminous matter. Or, A Reunion of Stardusts. Or, A DNA Company That Nicked My Name

I am the person who was writing that we are stardust – years and years ago. I am the person who was writing about my/our ancestors – Neanderthals – who are just other humans and much better looking than portrayed. I can vouch for that – my memory is clear. So if we are all stardust and if we stardusts got together for a reunion we would be a nebula!

I love the name Nebula and I do believe we are wonderful stardust. And – Nebula is a new DNA company and if they do all they say they can, then – I say YES – jump in with both feet, all genes and participate.

There is no sense for me to  explain in my own words about them – see the link and go read. I am writing now because I have jumped in with both feet and will be sharing my experiences with the process of this new idea for personal DNA.

For the time being, for $99, you can get a low-pass, whole-genome sequencing kit.  The results of your test might be offered anonymously for use in scientific studies. If so, then you can be the beneficiary of financial gains.

They also have a way for you to submit information for medical research and possibly get a kit tested for free.

But it is best you let their website tell you all about it.

(I do not have this link monetized – so far, my blog is not monetized. I guess that means they will find the dumb-ass gene since I have never been a good business woman.)

The Nebula How It Works page:

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So, I heard about this company and their plans in one of the DNA groups on Facebook – there are gazillions of DNA for genealogy, DNA for medical, DNA for anything groups and I signed up the same day I heard what Nebula was and who it was.

I tell people to read up on any offers, or DNA participation, any website and see what they say about themselves and also search for information about the companies and their people. Use WhoIs and Wikipedia and just a Boolean google. Search “nebula DNA” (Using the quotation marks, you search a phrase instead of the words and this gives more specific results in your internet search.)

Once you sign up you have your own page and there are sections of questions to answer and I filled in some of the answers. I kept getting interrupted with work and in the end I bought a kit and set it aside until I could make time to take the test and then fill in my page. (Blogging comes first of course.)

Questions bother me of late and I bet there will be a gene for that and certainly there will be a chief know-it-all who will understand people who are ambivalent or apprehensive  about questions and answers and those who are not. I see more and more questions that leave me torn over the answers.

But from early on several of us in the family have wanted to participate in medical research for posterity, there was no question about that. The questions were, and are: Who will we will we trust with our DNA and can we make sure it benefits society? And being old and wrinkly but with a dedicated heart that DNA research could save a person from any aches and pains and tremors or terrors, I am happy to try to answer those questions and spit my DNA. Considering today’s economy and my place in it, if there was any money to be made, then for me, every dime would help if they happen to find my DNA useful.

Since registering I have gotten just a few emails to confirm my registering, my purchase and as of today my registering the kit. There have also been a couple of info emails and one for the holidays – so you are not inundated with too much mail.

So we are off… – they have a standard spit kit that comes in its own return box (mine came return postage paid).  I liked the slightly larger kit sample number; it was slightly easier to read with my trifocals. I registered and got a return email and will pop it off to the post and I will let everyone know when there is news.

I am going to set aside a few minutes to answer those questions and it feels wonderful to be part of tomorrow’s DNA-for-humanity world!


This whole genome sequencing is catching on around the world…














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