Go To The Store Now And Get Black-eyed Peas

I have taught my Dai (a Canadian, what does he know?) about the importance of eating blackeye peas on New Year’s Day to enjoy prosperity throughout the  year. Now he is the one to ask me, “Have you remembered the blackeye peas?” Well of course I have. Plus a dollop of whipped cream to be thrown to the floor for sharing with all the world.

Get some canned and also get some dried, if you get there today, and follow your favorite recipe or:

This is the time of year

when canned, dried and pickled foods are enjoyed with relish!


Copy of freezer ice maker blackeyed peas 009

I cook blackeye peas all year long, so if forgetful of the day to eat them for added prosperity, I always have some on hand — either home-cooked in the freezer or canned. With Bush’s and Margaret Holmes’ canned goods, you can put a meal on the table with relish. I must still add a photo of the wonderful Woodberry Pantry sweet cherry jam (found at Chesapeake Bounty), but here are Cross and Blackwell minced meat, Pickled Pink sweet pickles to serve with the yellow squash, tomatoes and okra, collard greens and blackeye peas.

Cook the blackeye peas in lots of water at a boil for 20 minutes and drain. In a slow cooker, add your choice of meat(s) or vegan substitute, (if you are adding tofu do that later just to heat.) Use one pound of peas to one pound equivalent of meat or substitute. A touch of salt depending on your needs and pepper to taste. Cook until tender. Depending on your slow cooker 2 – to 6 hours as you like. They will be better the second day 🙂 but will add prosperity as soon as they are tender.

Here is a link to wonderful recipe for blackeyed pea cakes



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