Finally! After Three Orders ~ ‘The’ Book, Prehistoric Cave Art Is Here, and Dai Is Reading ~ Its ~Its ~ A ‘First Signs’

My account shows the trail of ordering books and how my getting a copy of Genevieve Von Petzinger’s, The First Signs, has taken several tries. I have shared my love of Jean Manco’s work, her books, her web pages and her saved pages; I have added David Reich’s, Who We Are And How We Got Here; we had it with us for the ancestors’ cave art tour.  For reading the really wonderful full story of the cave art of SW Europe, we had The Cave Painters by Gregory Curtis. We also had the Travel With A Challenge article by Ms. Von Petzinger and my all-time favorite ancestry creed – The Mountain Of Names explaining “Pedigree Collapse.”

I ordered The First Signs in time for the trip, or so I thought. But I got a neighbor’s package, and no one ever seemed to have gotten my package. I got a refund and then I ordered another and waited and waited and it is finally here.

Dai read aloud the introduction and the first 49 pages and we were hanging on every word. Except when I was interrupting to say this should or that will, and he would pop right back and say – wait – let me finish the sentence – that is exactly what she is saying. I began to realize she had it right and she has written it brilliantly – and so clear and easy to understand – and why and how and when and the background.

I cannot say enough good things. And Dai agreed.

I searched around the gift shops at the caves and rock shelters and museums in France and Spain and did not find one copy – in any language. Since we had missed getting a copy before our cave art trip, I had hoped to buy one there – but not a copy in sight and no one had heard of it.

Dai said this is on her publisher – or distributor? Who ever – wish I had a job! 🙂

It will take us a while to read it but I doubt we will suddenly unlove it.

We did finish The Cave Painters, which is certainly a must-read to understand the caves. And David Reich tells you what on earth is going on and with whom.

But The First Signs is special – this is who these folks are – these are the possibilities of when did we begin to make signs – and she seems so far at least not to be hamstrung by stupid ole white men’s bias and narrow minded, shallow thinking.

You Go Girl!

And of course I must mention the great photography by her better half, Dillon Von Petzinger, who helps us to see what she describes!

This blog will be updated – I believe the next slated read might be a short while on this coming weekend, but otherwise 3 to 4 weeks before we have time for recreational reading.

Copy of 2019 tick first sign rawhide 027

Dai reading the book about our ancestors’ communications. A wonderful read!

The First Signs by Genevieve Von Petzinger – This is a google book review

The TED lecture

page 50 – more…

110,000 year old bones in China marked with Ocher making them the oldest with signs.

We followed the path of the best of the best cave to visit from Genevieve Von Petzinger’s articles, writing and lectures. Trips of a lifetime to follow and learn the next places to go see.

Ice-Age Ancestors Tour ~ The DNA Of Cave Art

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