mt-DNA Haplogroups ~ Like The Women’s Maiden Names, Who Knows, Most of The Time

All know I love words, plays on words, learning words and associating words and names with life and love and other words. Like Knight and Jones (Chevalier and Son of John) make thoughts happen with the names and the words; like Money and Sands (Money and Sands) and Screws (Actually Cwrys, maybe, one of the eleven clans – fairies) and Heron (magnificent name, a tall thin man and so the wonderful birds are given their name) and Kidd (with Leeming both of Giggleswick and Craven) and Wilson (Will’s son and this one Scottish Irish Loyalist) and LeCroy (how cool is: Definition of croy. : a barrier built out in a stream as a fish shelter or means of allaying bank erosion) and maybe Jones again to add (Johns, Jenkins, Johnson and Jons besides Jones.

I see names forming from words and times and places and things and it is beautiful, but sometimes I should check if everybody likes the names and the associations. But it is all in love. And all names and words have stories – (there are even letters with names and stories).

I wrote: mt-DNA H10a1 ~ the most wonderful, amazing, exquisite, brilliant mitochondrial line anywhere on earth – in the universe even.

I am behind and also need to add all the info and stories that can be collected in one place about H1ag1, H3k1a, H59, HV, U3, and U5a1. Also any new ones that come along on the ancestral lines — yours, mine and ours and theirs and their cousins and their cousins’ cousins and of course all the in-laws.

It is true, I admit and many do also, most of the time there is very little genealogy to get out of mt-DNA testing and this is the test which is most often overlooked.

But with the holiday sales upon us it is time to consider the test that will tell you about your mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s mother and on and on for tens of thousands of years back through time to the earliest known, surviving, mt-DNA. Below you will find the link to the  International Society Of Genetic Genealogists (ISOGG) site, which will tell you in depth about mt-DNA with the sciences and sources. They are always the go-to source for answers.

When folks get their results they are often underwhelmed. With $5 and your haplogroup you can buy a Starbucks. But over time as you read the places your haplogroup has lived in the past, you can see the countless places you and your mothers and those mothers’ sisters and cousins have lived. The world becomes a little bit smaller and each of us becomes a little more of ourselves from the past.

The mt-DNA haplogroup is long-reaching and is a certain, exact result – there are often further sub-clades to learn, but mt-DNA can be thought of as written in stone (see exception below). It is not like autosomal DNA admixture which can vary from sibling to sibling and cousin to cousin, generation to generation and is not far reaching since beyond a few generations we only see views of random ancestors in au-DNA (now called at-DNA more and more).

Jean Manco’s former site shows us the many places where our haplogroup ancestresses and ancestors lived. Maybe ancestress is not a word, well it is now – like herstory.

In the ancient DNA, most haplogroups of the ancient skeletons are not finely refined. See below. Like I am H10a1 but my ancient “mother” would have been H10a and her “mothers” H10. But in the list of the skeletons many would only refine the haplogroup to H10 – so in using the following charts remember to look for the early early ancestors.


The sales are off and on throughout these next weeks, so look at the prices to see and ask – they will show discounts in the amounts IF a sale is on. Wait. Our ftDNA group

Check back for updates as I will add more explanations for many different haplogroups, Tell me yours and I’ll try to be sure to include it. But I always ad the link for they are the best anyway.



We have a male whose mt-DNA tested with 23andme as H1. I am not going to dare say here and now, did I think, should I say, do I know for certain if… and what this means – I do not know and I do not know what to think about this. I would never even think of myself as an authority on this one, and the folks  whom I do think of as authorities disagree, to varying degrees, so…

We have a male and 23andme says this male is H1.

I read both Genographic and DNACymru used the same (or similar???) methodology as 23andme

National Geographic ‘s Genographic Project says he is H3k1

Former DNACymru via myDNAglobal says he is H3k1a (quite impressive and it is a shame they were run out of town, its founder appeared before his time)

This male also took the top-of-the-line multi-layered deep-dish whatever one should call the best of the best tests with ftDNA Family Tree DNA – I think the best from what I have seen – but do not quote me and if you buy tests please ask more questions and do more research. We are happy to answer any questions that we can and direct to the answers if we cannot.

His results with ftDNA, mt-DNA Plus with Coding regions (plus the specific H test) says H3k1a

Also LivingDNA say he is H3k1a

Yes, I asked them, two different occasions, several years apart – and pressed for a better answer than just to be told they have their own methodology and stand by their result.

But 23andme got me right with H10a1 – so go figure.

The point is, because 23andme includes the haplogroups in their ancestry test, it is the bargain of the century to learn your haplogroups. For men you get both the father’s and the mother’s line; for ladies there is only the one maternal-side haplogroup. And since you can inexpensively add the medical to your ancestry, I have always recommended — and still do — testing with 23 so you get your basic haplogroup. You cannot beat it, pricewise.

Copy of cherie 23 h10 nov 23 2018

I loved the little note – easy to see, 23 has in telling me about my H10a1 – I am rare and only one in 1,500 of their customers is this haplogroup – we have assembled.

Copy of david w b jones 23 h1 expand nov 23 2018

But my Dai on the other hand has this H1 story which might or might not pertain to his ancestry and there is nothing to do but accept it. It says 1 in 19 customers has H1 but that is not – well – nothing to say – disappointing.

Naturally some companies refine the haplogroups more than others. One company will tell you your haplogroup is J5 whereas another might say you are J5a. And like with David he has H3k1 as well as H3k1a which is certainly correct line descendant… but H1 – I don’t know….?

Copy of Copy of david mtdna h3k1a

Aren’t the mt-DNA haplogroup certificates just magnificent? You see I went back and got  certificate and screen captures that have current dates to make sure nothing has changed.

mitochondrial DNA

And from this page you can look for mitochondrial testing comparison, mitochondrial haplogroup, mitochondrial results tools and so on…

Over the next while I will add a few links for each haplogroup that our families belong to. You should google and of course thrill in the page “Haplogroup”


mt-DNA H59

H59 a play on the names – The seventeenth stellation of icosahedron is 59.

[[File:Seventeenth stellation of icosahedron.png|Seventeenth stellation of icosahedron]]

[[File:Seventeenth stellation of icosahedron.png|thumb|Seventeenth stellation of icosahedron]]


My humble tree page for printing out and having for a binder cover.

namest tree

For crafts you might add a person’s photo and write in names to make a fun cover for your family history book.

1 names tree mtdna Copy of Copy of names wi pic tree

For one cover, I added the haplogroups that are included in the booklet of information.







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