Hey Google? Who Am I? ~ Senior care in the 21st century: My life is… I am…

I see this wonderful thing “our Google” has: “Hey Google.” It’s an assistant you can ask anything

If you do not know the phrase “our whatever,” you must Google it. British slang “our brother” etc. As in big brother is watching and his name is Google. Some folks hate it. I happen to be betting it will help me remember who I am in a few years. I will know where my online footprint is, and might even get it retrieved into my Google chip, which will have all the fun things I want to see in my mind’s eye after I wander off into one sort of memory loss or another.

My mt-DNA haplogroup is H10a1 and my reading at 23andme tells me generally about a few health matters. Tom Waits described women like me in his song Frank’s Wild Years, but Google cannot know that. Waits called Frank’s wife a “…spent piece of used jet trash… .” Where I have been, that is a compliment, a badge of honor I wear well. So 23 can’t tell me what my supersonic life might have done to wear the ole’ nag down, but I have not looked up the brain reading. If they have that, I don’t want to know. But Google knows how to access my DNA for medical testing, whether Google knows it yet or not. So it would be great for Google to produce Me for me – Google Me.

It is so wonderful to know my own haplogroup, H10a1. As DNA is sequenced from more and more ancient graves, we will find more and more evidence of our own ancestors or their relatives in places known from antiquity. Some places more than others, where the skeletons that survived have readable DNA.

Hey Google? I am supposed to be stardust and hope that I can find my other stardust folks. I always get lost, I don’t have to name them, they are all associated on my name, my record of me for posterity, for genealogy for helping me to remember, if and when…

Hey Google? I hear that nursing homes have violence, I think that scares me more than not affording one. I hear old women looking for a job are abused. Hey Google, why did the world change? Where am I? Where am I supposed to be?

This new Google feature – Hey Google – is something I really need to try. Every time I see them advertise a new idea I think wonderful! What will these kids think up next!

Even though we might be broke and old, maybe Google will help us remember where we can go for free. We will “always” have access to our Ancestry.com accounts, right? All the work of the trees, all the names and pictures and records of past and present. As for the future, I am trying to write the memories now  because I might not remember tomorrow.

We need a list of who, what websites, clouds, might be around for us to access and if so, it might be nice to have them ready for – another life.


BUT – today – Google is actually advertising this feature – Google Assistant – now we just need them to make my idea – a “Google Me”



or, on Facebook where I saw it initially… this is wonderful!








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