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Make it simpler.

Traditional genealogy from the early 1960s – my grandmother hauled me around with her to the county records offices and knew amazing ways to find people. My early favorite memories is holding her skirt hem while we went down dark steps into dusty basements. The marriages records would say who Great Aunt Bessie’s great granddaughter married. Then the phone book gave the number and address and then the county land office had the map and all in the same building. Stop at the local fire hall to find the house and ask the local preacher where they might be.

Copy of copy-of-pearl-ethel-ryan-cemetery-stripling

Pearl, my paternal grandmother, on the left, and her sister, Ethel, on the right. We had the back left lot in the cemetery that butted on the remaining family land from Ryan’s Crossroads to Dogwood. They were serious researchers and joined those societies and went to and gave the teas. I do not do the teas. I am a bit more housebound and long in the tooth – so share now or forever hold my peace.

Then in 2002 I set out to find a long lost family. Then genealogy and DNA for genealogy came into my life. I found the family and then many families after that and proved them all with DNA – first using y-DNA and mt-DNA (unfortunately mt-DNA has limited genealogical information) When I began there was no commercially affordable autosomal DNA testing. This came later and has become the rage to use all arounf the world and many do not even know or understand the beauty of y-DNA and mt-DNA testing for genealogy and anthropology. Yes, I use and love autosomal DNA but one of my missions is that people do not fail to enjoy their haplogroups through y-DNA and mt-DNA also.

The blog is just me, bare bones, and with this ‘do tell’ me all about it and share it. The idea is to add all my research so that is it all free. Everything including the kitchen sink.

And so I write

Finding and preserving family history is something many people relate to. I have had so many people tell me where to look for what and how and when and I want to share the hints and the research that has been given to me.

All in one place is the idea here. Adding fun information and hints for family history and DNA for genealogy. I support a couple of dozen Facebook groups for private family histories and write hundreds and hundreds more emails with answers. This helps me to write up some info and now when i am asked some questions I can give them a link to my notes. I am honored I am asked.

These families and things and memories of families are yours, mine and ours.


The Gower, South West Wales

The featured photo is Acre, Israel

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Long before there was talk about identifying as a particular group of folks I was learning about color identification in my life. This has nothing to do with black and white or brown or yellow or even red. But it has to do with all. For this country of America, there are many who think of identity in another way – this is not what i am sharing.

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Me and my mother

A page where I share some about genealogy