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Monnett Farms


and also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/monnettfarms/?ref=br_rs

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MEZEH – I never have to cook again


tri county wi dowell

Southern Maryland’s country-side beauty is maintained by the best tree experts in the region. Tri-County Tree will take care of your property needs for normal maintenance and emergency storm needs. Brad Dowell and crew are the best and like many local businesses are family owned and operated. Families with deep roots and tall and wonderful trees through Calvert, St. Mary’s, and Charles counties and more whose traditions in southern Maryland go back generations, with generations welcoming new families like ours into southern Maryland living.


Copy of j and- j environmentals
You can put the environmental needs of your home or your business into the able hands of the team at J & J Environmental Services, Inc.

Living in the south we all need to maintain our properties with the best expert professionals – Bo McKenny and all his crew Steve and Joey and all the folks will make your septic worries go away. They are a full service company and you can call them for your needs today. Highlights info row image (410) 257-4444 I was happy to put my home in their hands and they did not disappoint.

Providing septic installation, repairs to drain fields, septic pumping and certifications.


For all things plumbing – Paul Hayden Plumbing has the expertise and the professional people to take care or the needs of ytour home or business. Not only have they helped us in our home but more than once I have heard our Southern Maryland neighbors say good things about the company.

Thank you!

Pros! Multiple recommendations from southern Maryland neighbors!

Time and again great work and professional people with Thomas Miller Electric. They also have multiple neighbors who praise their work and now us also. They coordinated with the other great septic contractor, J&J, and made our lives smooth and uninterrupted. Great work!


Calvert County Farmer’s Market Association have organized to have online ordering for families and no contact pickup. If you do not have this where you live then share this idea with your local Farmer’s Association.

They made it very easy to order and we can no-contact pickup at the Prince Frederick location of get added delivery.

THIS LINK IS DOWN – updating today April 20th by evening we hope.


In-between – main page: https://calvertag.com/

honey bohemia5
Also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bohemiabees/

Bohemia Apiary is another wonderful Southern Maryland local business on the Eastern Shore. They do sell on line so you do not have to travel the Bay Bridge to get to their store, you have it right in hand.


Sweet Sue’s Bakery in North Beach is another of our small businesses who is still staying open to help us all with wonderful things to eat.

Cake, Cake and Cupcakes and for good measure – Cake!

“Due to the changes involving the Governor’s “Stay at Home” order, Sweet Sue’s will only open on Saturdays and Sundays from 730a to 2p.
We will only accept online and phone orders during these hours. All payments will be processed remotely. The door to the shop will be locked and a table will be placed outside to pick up your orders.
This has been an agonizing decision. We feel obligated to provide service to our community but recognize the need for everyone to do their part to contain the spread of this virus. We ask that you please consider supporting Sweet Sue’s on the weekends to allow our business to sustain through these unprecedented times.
Online orders can be placed with the “Shop Now” button on our Facebook page or through our website www.sweetsuesbakeshop.com
Call us at 410-286-8041. We can process payment for gift cards over the phone if you are looking to support us in that manner.
We appreciate everything our employees have endured with us these past few weeks and know that these challenges are temporary. Thank you for your continued support.
Megan and Jon – owners”


ORIGINAL November 2018 SBS POST:

All know I have been keen on DNA for genealogy and anthropology for eons now, and most of my blogs are about people living and dead and their DNA, their histories and herstories and lives – which include food and music.

There are stories, studies and articles, and archaeology and research to back them up, over which haplogroup marks the first farmers and which were the hunter gatherers. And there is much speculation about exactly when, why and how these groups emerged.

What led man and woman to master or mistress agriculture and create permanent communities? Maybe, like me, they had too much stuff to move. But they still had to eat, so our beloved farmers stayed with us collectors to found the first base camps!

But whatever made folks settle down, settle down they did. And the harvest time did come, first in nature but now through the toil of men and women who have their farms, their small businesses and services.

The pre-holiday dinner is the slow cooker’s dream. Clean, peel, do some slicing and crumbling; then add it all in the cooker and let it begin. I coat the bottom of the slow cooker with extra virgin olive oil. I add butternut squash in 4 pieces, carrot strips, and whole small (or cut) young turnips, and the whole green tomatoes. I like to add a package of ground beef crumbled onto my stews and fricassees and let the meat flavor the vegetables. I add a couple of cups of water, which will make stock. Then I add the London Broil on top and cook on extra low for 4-6 hours until the vegetables are done. All the vegetables can be placed on a dish for serving.

I then put the London Broil in a baking dish. I make sure I have enough stock by adding more water to the liquid in the slow cooker. I spoon the ground beef onto the top of the Broil. This will help hold the stock on top of the meat. I cover the pan tightly with aluminum foil and cook the London Broil in the oven for about 3 plus hours at 325 degrees. I turn it one time halfway through. I put the beef crumbles back on top and spoon the stock over the top. I add more water if needed.

With the beef stock and about 1/3 of the crumbled beef, I add a pound of dried beans. The beans should be rinsed and boiled in water for 5 minutes. Allow them to cool and drain the water off. Then add the beans to the meat stock and slow cook until tender, adding more water as and if needed.

The produce came from different farms; I must ask someone and add the names 🙂 The London Broil  and “about” a pound, more or less, 🙂 of ground beef, clearly came from Battle Creek Beef. But I got everything at Chesapeake’s Bounty here in Southern Maryland, some things at the North Beach location and some from the St. Leonard location

Whole green tomatoes are just delicious in with slow cooked meats and vegetables. Their idea of being a fruit bursts through with flavor like a tart and delicious sort of but not mango-like or papaya-like or peach-like yum! The London Broil is like tender butter and the stock adds to the already tender vegetables of butternut squash, young turnips, and carrots. This will feed us well while we cook the upcoming holiday dinners.
The St Jude Bear wearing his mask and social distancing – staying safer at home.

Don’t forget your local charities. Calvert’s own Smile Thrift Shop and Food Pantry has worked to keep the food pantry open throughout the pandemic. They need our help, like we need theirs.


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