Bloody Cheats ~ Photo Discovery? or Every Pirated Photo Uploaded

So I get an email from My Heritage. Excitement – they have great photos of people in my tree and if I want to see the full photo I can upgrade my account – pay money.

my heritage 1 photo cheats (2)

So if I pay them to upgrade I will get to see my own photos that I uploaded to Find A Grave in 2012.

my heritage photo cheats 2 (2)

What cheats. I don’t even like to write about them anymore – one little cheat to twist after another. I have wanted to help them grow and grow, but – who can with the push in this use-me-up way?

They also threaten this is the only chance to get this; if I reject it now it will never come again.

I cannot stand to see their stuff like this – this letdown of being used. The emails that come from them show how they grab and snatch.

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The Find A Grave memorials for my father and sister show exactly when I uploaded the photos freely to Find A Grave and now MyHeritage wants to sell them back to me.

Find A Grave – a most wonderful database that will be kept free – we can hope – and is one of the countless databases you can access for free with a guest membership to their sponsor. Or just go to their site – so many people will find some family there. And if your family is not there you can make a free guest account and add the burial places of your family.

My dad

My paternal half sister


The page to the photo they wanti to sell me for my dad

The page for my sister







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