“Search This Group” ~ How Tos For Facebook (With Google Translate!)

Share all you like it is free and note the Google Translate will make this in any language!

I did not know that Facebook groups could be searched – and I bet there might be others who also do not know the groups can be searched.

We join a new group and there are 100s, or 1,000s, or 10s of 1,000s of members in the group that have been sharing info for months or years. How do we find if there are folks with your specific interests – have your questions already been answered?

Or, how do I know if my street has been mentioned in this group for my hometown?

How do I know if the subclade of my haplogroup has been talked about in a DNA for genealogy group?

There is a group for warning folks about scam companies selling goods and services on social media and almost everyday an admin will answer a person saying, ‘this company or that has been discussed already’ in this or that thread.

So to get to those specific pieces of information Search This Group!

Anything can be known by searching the group

3Copy of search group 1

On a desktop computer the “Search This group” feature is on the left side of your page.

On a smart phone you will find the link for the SEARCH feature under the group cover page at the top and click for your keyboard to type your search.



A reader has pointed out that on their iPhone the search the group slot is at the top of the page. A big shout out of thanks to LPS! Their phone must have the latest version.

Search for your special interests in any Facebook group. You can then locate members who are also interested in the same specialties within any group.

I am a member of several city/town/region groups. In my hometown group I can search for my specific neighborhood and find all the people who asked about or mentioned my neighborhood within my hometown group.

I belong to many DNA groups and in this group I searched for people who had asked about or mention Otzi the Iceman and in one click I have those interested and can see the links to information that has already been shared.

group search otzi

This group is not about Otzi but he has been talked about many times in the group posts. In one click I can search for all references to Otzi for myself and find them all in a split second in a list!

The Facebook groups have many uses and clicking on any given post to read it from notifications gives you lots of current group information.

But any group’s archives – their history – of what has been discussed already, is important to search in any group.


Charts and forms for sharing:







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