DNA Uploads ~ Autosomal Transfers – Autosomal Additions!

Screen capture instructions below! See Google translate!

The phrase ‘autosomal transfer’ sounds to me like you are moving something from one place to another. With autosomal transfer you do put your data in a new place, but it is still there in the old one, unchanged. It is like copy-paste, not cut-and-paste.

When testing DNA for genealogy, folks always ask about getting the biggest bang for their buck. Several of the companies provide the same autosomal testing product, packaged with different frills and different tools and with different names and most important – different customers to match. So once you test, you should find different matches at different companies – UNLESS – your matches have tested with or uploaded to the same multiple companies as you.

Yes, this is a wee bit complicated and of course read all the warnings and disclaimers. I certainly know how it feels for folks to “go” elsewhere, no need to send customers to another company. All the companies have their own disclaimers.

Once all that business is sorted then you can consider adding your raw DNA data to multiples databases. You can learn if there are new and important matches that did not test at any other companies. Someone like me has their DNA uploaded or tested everywhere, but many people test only at one company. If you match someone like me who is on multiple testing companies, you will see me everywhere. But many folks are not as keen, so you want to upload to multiple databases. Most folks don’t know how to take advantage of multiple companies and hopefully this blog will help.

All the companies have different tools to varying degrees. Some companies give you the data and matching but you pay for access to other features. Some do medical. Some have trees. Some have trees and records access can be added, and some have just trees and all free access. Some have free trees only if they are small trees and you don’t link to big trees and some have… whew! There are also different tools for helping you to sort and make sense of all your matches.

Bottom line. AncestryDNA does have the biggest database of people who tested and you want that, but AncestryDNA does not take autosomal uploads – you’ve got to buy it. For those on tight budgets, I suggest getting your first test with them – wait for a sale! Everybody has sales all year long. Then you can download from there and upload to multiple places. (If you can afford multiple tests then you do want the Family Tree DNA Family Finder Autosomal test also – or their upload.)

23andme does not take uploads but they do have their fun little medical readings package and I tested with them early on. They also have sales. I love their tools and features and if you cannot afford all the mt-DNA and y-DNA info, then with 23 you will get your basic haplogroup(s), as well as autosomal results and the medical if you buy that also.

MyHeritage has done a beautiful thing by recommending that you also test with my favorite company, which is Family Tree DNA, to get your y-DNA and mt-DNA. I am pleased that they inform their customers about the wonderful world of y-DNA and mt-DNA testing. I could not find the page for an autosomal upload (see below), it will have to wait for an update.

Family Tree DNA began years before these other newcomers. Family Tree DNA (ftDNA) tests for all three types of DNA available for genealogy: y-DNA (the father’s, the paternal line of males only); mt-DNA (the mother’s, the maternal line of both males and females); and the much beloved by all the world autosomal DNA, (at-DNA, formerly au-DNA), which gives recent ancestry matching and a glimpse into one’s ancestral heritage. My least favorite of all the results is the so-called admixture aka ethnicity aka origins aka…

The y-DNA and mt-DNA are now little known in the DNA-for-genealogy testing world compared to the autosomal DNA offered by these big advertisers. But Family Tree DNA has been testing our menfolk’s y-DNA since the early 2000s and they are well organized into surname projects, into haplogroup projects, into geographical projects and others. I caution and remind that mt-DNA only occasionally helps with genealogy, and with y-DNA, there might or might not be matches waiting to be found. But y-DNA and mt-DNA always thrill because you will learn your basic haplogroup. Extra, extra read all about it – Haplogroups are magnificent! Although mt-DNA might give little genealogy, there is nothing more special than your mt-DNA haplogroup – that is the herstory of your mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s etc for eons.

So with all the reasons to spread your raw data around — to add matches and add genealogy tools and others — don’t forget a very important reason to download is to get and keep a copy of your raw data on your own computer. You can read your data and learn about it in so many ways. I must add the blog for DNA reading sooner rather than later.

Here are some steps for downloading at some companies. It is important to remember not to open the file you will be using for uploads. Apparently the Mac Apple computers (and other settings) want to open your data files automatically – you need to make sure it does not open.


Copy of ftdna 1

To locate and download your raw data from ftDNA, see these check marks on the right and follow the instructions from here. This is the main dashboard page of your ftDNA pages.

Copy of ftdna 2

Most of the time, I read that the companies taking the uploads would want the 37 concatenated. Read up on the place you want to upload to make sure nothing has changed and see the different options. I would use the ftDNA download for my DNA for genealogy uploads.


Copy of autosomal transfer 3 ancestry 3

From my DNA summary page, see the SETTINGS at the top right and click

Copy of autosomal transfer 4 ancestry

On your settings page see on the right DOWNLOAD. Be extra careful to NOT NOT click the delete button. I think it is thoughtless, cruel and a bit snarky of the company to put the delete beside the download.

Copy of autosomal transfer 5 ancestry

You will need to enter your information and follow the instructions and like other companies even wait for any email to confirm it is you. I do like these extra step downloads.

23andme DOWNLOAD

Copy of 23 1

I found it almost impossible to find an easy way to get to the Raw Data download page. So I used the search feature. See the tiny magnifying glass at the top of your page where this purple check is and enter  – raw data and search

Copy of 23 2

There the link to click came up and click DOWNLOAD YOUR RAW DATA

Copy of 23 3

Read the info.

Copy of 23 4

This is the bottom of the same page and you tic the box once you have read and understand the info and click to submit the request. Then you will get the next instructions.

Again I caution – you will want to save the downloaded raw data files where you can find them on your computer. Some go directly to the downloads file; I have my set for desktop. Make sure it does not open the file as some systems are now doing.

Uploads – let the added fun begin!

Copy of autosomal transfer 1

When you go to Family Tree DNA’s page you will see at the top the tab UPLOAD DNA DATA and click. Then click on AUTOSOMAL DNA. If you have already taken a ftDNA y-DNA test or mt-DNA test you can add your autosomal upload to the same page. Look for the tab at the top of your dashboard page.

Copy of autosomal transfer 2

If you are new then you will fill in this page and click JOIN TODAY!

Some of you might want to join a DNA project on Family Tree DNA. Often it is confusing about which projects to join and why. As long as I am able, I will try to help. You are welcome to join our friends and family project. And if you have not purchased DNA testing then you can consider buying them here. I can help you decide what tests you want depending on what you want to learn. None of this is monetized. Everything I do for this is by donations.




Join projects!

Copy of french 1

The check marks show where you can have a look and read about the project description. Write and ask about what test(s) you might want. I believe in being economical to start – you never know what direction you will want to go with results.

Copy of french 2

The purple check is beside the Family Finder test – this is Family Tree DNA’s autosomal test and where many people like to start.

We Are All Still Learning And Loving It

Now – all of y’all need to follow my blog and learn from me – but – who are the presentiment teachers? Blaine T Bettinger for number one! This is his DNA Central website and if you only have one place to learn this will be it.

We had Blaine T Bettinger for two institute weeks of DNA for genealogy study. He is such a great teacher and stays at the forefront of DNA information. He has many great helps and supports many programs and research.

The Shared cMs project which is a must for all of us to understand so we know how we are related to our matches based on how much DNA we share!


DNA Central

dna central

DNA Central – your one-stop for DNA for genealogy education. Blaine keeps up with all the latest for all your DNA needs –  https://dna-central.com/



There are so many places to participate in community research and countless of them are free. I keep notifications on my Facebook Pages and so do others.

Cherie Lynn’s Heirs and Heirlooms Genealogy Page


The latest notifications of what is new and tried and true are all here…

Genetic Genealogy Tips & Techniques


coming… more… down and upload screen captures for Heirs and Heirlooms Helps.

I could not find for today’s publishing the info to down/upload for MyHeritage and LivingDNA – I will get this sorted and if they can still be, either up or downloaded – I will get them added if I can.

I like privacy settings to be the tightest that are allowed and I love ftDNA because you can make the settings private to the degree you want. You can decided to not share anything with anyone – just use learning and research tools – and you can share limited or open.


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