The “darn, aren’t we puny creatures in the face of cooties” time. Not panic buying – smart shopping.

It was mean to say someone had cooties when I was growing up, and I was not mean, and I don’t think I ever told anyone I thought they had cooties.

I remember Stephen Hawking saying about aliens that we should quit calling out to signal them. He thought they were likely out there, and likely they would hear us, and they would come looking. He added, they would have bugs, as in viral bugs. He noted what germs did to the new world, time and again, just a few hundred years ago.

Trying to find websites about the virus in every language for my blog was as scary as the virus. It seems digital bad folks have already made websites to click on that are phisher and virus-type nasty. Do not click pages. So I became more motivated to find safe links for virus information and share them.

I plug along with my information page (see the link below), but in the last couple of days I have begun to breathe again and had time to reflect, catch my breath and come out of the state of shock.

Great minds think alike, and at a time like this – all at the same time.

A psychologist in the UK was asked on TV about “panic buying” of staples. He said to do that in the current situation is certainly not panic buying; in fact anyone would be… darn I forget his adjective – bonkers, silly, crazy? — if they did not because we know we could be quarantined at any time. He said he has gone out himself to stock up on supplies including dog food. And he, like me, was early at the shops.

I do not see a single news agency interviewing executives at Walmart, Tesco… oh what is the name of that company out in Asia? It has all the big container ships, likely has two Brooklyn  bridges they could deliver if anyone wished to buy them. Long… Zip… But are we really out? Or should someone have said, “Hold on, we will have the shops full sooner rather than later.”  Or are we on the edge of breakdowns in society over “spot shortages.”

I added up the space in the grocery shelf for x amount of toilet roll packets and there are simply not enough on the shelves at one time to fill a communities’ need. Certainly not enough for everybody in the world to buy some all at the same time.

I remember after 9/11 – some person who studied “stuff” spoke about people, all at the same time, with emotions that were readable in their studies and they studied the spike. How did their research describe it? Everybody thinking, or feeling, or something, all at the same time. There was some spike of… something – feeling? consciousness? I will have to Google it. If that scientist is not dead (or debunked) I bet he is looking at this now.

UPDATE March 12th: I found the “stuff study”. More coming on this also.

“…You may be surprised, however, to learn that Princeton University researchers believe that so many people around the world were affected in the same way that their collective mental energy actually altered the operation of computers.

Those findings, which have aroused some controversy in the scientific world, were produced by Princeton’s  Global Consciousness Project, whose goal is to determine whether, and if so to what extent, human consciousness—that is, our minds’ awareness of the world in which we exist—can synchronize and act coherently.

“I think the data are pretty much indisputably in support of that we do interconnect, we interact, we’re not isolated,”…”





People react to things in different ways. I was bowled over by the cool and calm from Gupta. But lord, American Dr Elizabeth seems so snide about “not panic buying;” a bit snarky, and left me wondering why the negative sell? The UK psychologist was calming by saying the facts – we need the toilet paper and a lot of people bought it all at the same time – no one should be surprised.

Dai shared a story about two women fighting over toilet paper. I remember Gulf War One – that was fighting over life-saving plastic sheeting, and duct tape to protect against chemical weapons. It was a human who decided not to hit the button to unleash chemical weapons, but as Stephen Hawking said of outer space – there will be bugs, viruses – cooties coming from beyond the atmosphere. It does not take “aliens.” It is just that the universe we live in is teeming with all kinds of life.

I wonder – can they say this virus is “new?” Is it “old?” Did global warming unleash it from the earth, a plague from eons ago that mankind and womankind lost from history and herstory? Did it arrive recently?

It was chilling to hear Dr Gupta say – was it him? It is all running together for TMI – but he said in his explanation: “…Viruses are smart, they do not want to kill their hosts…”

OK, that is it. This is chocolate cake and spiked wine stuff! – No! Get that green tea that I so vehemently shilled in my virus information page – because – at a time like this we do not need “strong drink.”

Stephen Hawking warned and climate folks warned, and here we are the custodians of our earth and our lives. But at a time like this, we are just fragile creatures, billions of strangers, sharing the same cooties. Can we share toilet paper, food and compassion?


My information blog – please share this if you like and contribute ideas and links if you can and I will freely add as I can. I have links from all over the world, that lead to information in many languages. All my pages have the Google translate feature.



What the heck is a virus? Let’s Google it. Unsee Unsee Unknow!

Infectious agent


A virus is a biological agent that reproduces inside the cells of living hosts. When infected by a virus, a host cell is forced to produce thousands of identical copies of the original virus at an extraordinary rate. Wikipedia

Genetic materialMost viruses have either RNA or DNA as their genetic material.
This link’s explanation has a mistake. This virus can live on surfaces!
This is a really cool link, it has a glossary about viruses! Cool as in lots of info!
Another hope story:

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