Politics Forgotten ~ Elizabeth Warren’s Admixture Results

I got emails and texts, and the blogs and genetic genealogy groups on facebook were buzzing this morning – Senator Elizabeth Warren, former Democratic presidential candidate has 13.4 cMs of Native American ancestry on Chromosome 10. Will a charity will be receiving one million dollars?

The debate began in minutes and I was clicking ‘love’ and downloading a PDF with results. (I am checking on rights to share it – I will get a link as I always do for documentation.) The method was questioned and approved, the results were reanalyzed and confirmed – she is. And for those who do not read centiMorgans – there is enough. Critics? Detractors? Of course, but the internet is full of unhappy and jealous trolls – I love it all! In a few days the results will be read another gazillion times and there will be more indepth reporting. Stay posted for round two – or is it round 46 as in who will be the 46th president of the United States.

The 15-year-old business card has been sitting on my desk for months, at the front of the drawer since 2015/2016 thinking about, do I ask more people to test. I know descendants of Pocahontas, they live right down the road, but since forever I have tried to keep politics out of DNA and genealogy.

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Pamunkey and Mattaponi Clay Art – Both Tribes of the Powhatan Nation the people of Pocahontas, her father was  Powhatan

I went to visit the Native community, one of the two in Virginia, just about three weeks ago but could not say much because of illness there, then one of the family passed just last week. I worked in journalism from almost 40 years ago and I know getting 15 minutes of fame ruins lives – especially in this political climate. I will, as I promised, provide more kits as I can, but I don’t think I will ask anyone to test and go public. But I still hope others will test and I will support them.

The results are being ripped apart and lauded – there will not be consensus.

In-between, read all about it – I will upgrade with new links as they publish.

Boston Globe: today


Roll Call: with links to announcement


News Maven: This 2012 gives some genealogy



My mother ‘s percentage is not very high either.

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Quebecois – Our Colors, That is my mother you are talking about.

I am thrilled Elizabeth Warren took the leap of faith – and tested. I want her to upload her results and join my French Broad River Families Project on Family Tree DNA – she will likely have some kin or in-laws among the members, we have several descendants of Native Americans.


The Virginia peoples

Pamunkey: http://pamunkey.org/

Mattaponi: https://www.mattaponination.com/

Chickahominy: http://www.chickahominytribe.org/


Copy of rawhide decks michael hurricane 028

Mattaponi feather arrangement

It is not even Noon EST and already a Facebook group administrator turned off comments for a Warren Native post on one of the groups – no there will be no consensus.

See also previous blogs on Native peoples of North America




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