May they rest in peace and their memory be a blessing – Covid

I feel so sad that we could not have all had the message to wear masks from the beginning. Now it is wear two masks. Might as well have been throwing people into the volcano to fight the virus.

Had United States health care professionals told people to wear masks from the start, as they are now, every quilt lady and crochet lady and knitting lady from sea to shining sea would have been making masks and lining them. Read some statistics below with a link to more. In the countries where health care professionals told people to wear masks from the beginning saved lives of the populations and saved the lives of the health care workers.

But no – the word was from the beginning – adjective omitted – masks won’t protect you. Wear only if you are sick… Save them for health care workers… Masks not recommended…

March 7th 2020

CNN’s Christi Paul in Atlanta on March 7th 2020

Now we have variants and the health care workers of the world are begging people to wear masks, social distance or anything to stop the spread.

I have lost two first cousins from Covid and a few family friends from the stress, a heart attack and a young distant cousin’s unnamed malady – too sad to say.

My two cousins, sisters, died about 10 days apart.

I don’t want to be the family findagrave memorial maker any more. I have made a few hundred, that is enough, it is time to pass the mantle.

The last thing Susie asked me was about making sure brother Jim was added. She always made sure people knew a loss and the memorial or remember book was passed around.

Kathleen “Susie” Kidd Delveaux

And dear sister Jean, so active to share to wear masks and be safe. So fun and upbeat with ideas and crafts for grandchildren and making great memories, now no more.

Jean Ann Vogel

Brother Jim’s memorial had been added. His was the first death for the year and Jean made the 3rd sibling of 2020.

Our Kidd family paternal line is y-DNA haplogroup (R1a group) R-CTS4179 I was glad I could share their history and herstory before they left us. But it is a crying shame how they died.

James Michael “Jim” Kidd

My son’s Covid was not that bad, but within 30 days he needed his gall bladder removed.

Vaccines for us? Word is from brother Larry, with the scarcity of the vaccines we might not expect doses for months. Lots of time to make lots more memorials.

Stay safe – wear two masks.

Making Findagrave memorials is easy and there are no subscription fees. The site has many features that are often overlooked.

The virtual cemeteries allow you to save your ancestors or memorials of interest to a page. You can name each virtual cemetery page for your own special interest. For instance, I have a Cherie Lynn Paternal virtual cemetery page and a Cherie Lynn Maternal virtual cemetery page. I find and add all my paternal ancestors in one and all my maternal ancestors in another. This way, I only have to go to one page of my own in my profile, to access many ancestors at once. I don’t have to look up each one, every time. I can also send one link to a family member and they can go and easily access many relatives with one click.

There is also a link feature between memorials. For instance, my late sister is linked to our father and he is linked to his parents and so on. There are times when a generation might be missing and when that happens, I leave a note in a virtual flowers feature where I add the memorial number of the descendant on the page of the ancestor so that viewers can find additional family.

There are also many international cemeteries and we must remember, if you don’t see your people – add them! This has been a volunteer contribution site so the more we participate, the more our family is remembered.

May they rest in peace and their memory be a blessing.

March 31st 2020 concerning wearing a mask. Lame and late.

On some devices, audio only. The Lead with Jake Tapper interviewing Dr Sanjay Gupta, who also speaks to Dr Anthony Fauci about wearing masks. – Notes: WHO said this was the way to protect against a pandemic for years. We have not worn masks because of “optics.” In this video of March 31st 2020. Fauci is still worried about health care workers not having enough. I guess those reasons and others gave permission to lie to people that masks would not protect them – yes caveats –

Wear two masks and a shield.

Throughout Asia, country after country, the healthcare workers and country leaders were on television and social media from the first week of the outbreaks in each place asking the population to mitigate the spread of the virus. Many countries called to wear masks all the time, others fully shut down and isolated the virus, and the differences in the deaths between those countries and the United States is remarkable. Many countries panicked, there is not enough of the life saving PPE, or the will to shut down, or any excuse. Other countries faced the pandemic head-on with pride, not shame. It took health care workers and leaders in all the countries to bring the peoples of these countries along to the safety of cutting off the oxygen of this terrible virus.

The US and South Korea announced their first cases the same day…

As of February 4th

United StatesUnited States26.6M26,600,000+119K451K451,000+3,843
South KoreaSouth Korea79,76279,76269,70469,7041,448

New Zealand

see more here – follow the progress

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