M L Monroe – The John Lewis of Page’s Warehouse, & Old Hanover Court House and his son David Lewis of Birdwood’s Spring (Not related to Warner anybody)

Soon to be the beginning – I hope – of the most wonderful research by a wonderful researcher on our much beloved David Lewis son of our John Lewis – we do not want any John Lewis but our own. He is wonderful.

DNA Genealogy Stories and friendships old and new

Thanks to Mike, Cossette and my dear beloved Buddy Jackson and his sister Joyce and our cousin Devin and dear Nash. I hope they all – each one will write anything Lewis they wish to add into this story of our shared Lewises. Mine is Baylis Washington Harrison Lewis and his wife Sarah Anne Rebecca Gillespie Lewis.

Baylis and Sarah died in 1915 within months of each other. Cousin Nash still lives in the house. Paw, my grandfather Harry, who reared me was born in 1898 and spent wonderful time with Baylis and Sarah and heard and then relayed their stories. Our cousins Buddy and Joyce have this wonderful photos of Baylis and Sarah.

Let them begin this family saga and today the love of begetting ancestry and history and herstory can include so many branches of this wonderful Virginia family – from Wales. No, they are not Vikings they are Welshmen and I will go to my grave citing the many pieces of Wales in the place they settled and and named… as Wales…

Baylis Washington Harrison Lewis 1840 – 1915 and Sarah Anne Rebecca Gillespie Lewis 184x – 1915

Filling the space of time

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