DNA For Medical Information ~ The 13,000 Pound Elephant Missing From 13 Years Of My DNA Writing

I still cannot recommend the medical readings of DNA. Yes, I did them all. The buy one, the upload one for free and the upload for a fee and the read it for metabolism and so on.

I do like now that we can learn about the BRCA genes without spending an arm and a leg and both breasts. But I really don’t want to mention another thing to read about my medical health or possible medical health. There is too much bad news about pharmaceuticals that often do not work, and many of them turn out to kill us.

I am looking into the eye of the DNA-for-medical industry – capitalism at its worst. Should we worry that our DNA-for-medical readings will be used against us and our families? They certainly will be used to decide on preexisting conditions and insurance premiums.

I would want to look into the eye of truth about the DNA of pharmaceuticals. With one drug after another killing people, or failing people or making people sniveling addicts, mercilessly draining them of life and all their money, I wonder why some hot shot wonderful young geek couldn’t glean all the world’s homeopathic remedies, telling us what to take for what, and based on our DNA, tell us which ones would be best for us.

I learned this week that yet another medication that I have taken, this one for stomach conditions, can cause cancer. I let that sink in. Actually it is still sinking in. I have shared one of the info-stories about it. I can’t even.

Popular heartburn drug ranitidine recalled: What you need to know and do

…high levels of what…

Ranitidine (Zantac) recall expanded, many questions remain

…can cause cancer… Seriously?

One drug hurt the bones. This drug can cause cancer. Another drug is addictive and debilitating. Another drug helps cholesterol but hurts the…

I can’t even.

We need easy access to homeopathic remedies and education.

The DNA-for-medical info can’t help with any of this. It might even hurt. I still would not think of taking action based on the DNA-for-medical reports. Especially not stock up with pills.

From last year another info piece I shared about DNA for Medical





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