DNA.Land Is Back ~ Step Right Up And Join ~ Its Free!

For all you folks, like me, that have enjoyed DNA.Land these last years, you will have heard that the original project ended. All the files are deleted.

BUT!!! The wonderful software with the website and information about our DNA will continue if we join again.

You will have to register and upload your DNA just as you did before and we will be part of this wonderful crew of folks giving us great information about ourselves through our DNA!


Over 150,000 people participated in the previous project. Since yesterday’s reopening, there are already more than 1,000 people who have joined up!

Are you joining, rejoining?

 Copy o2f dnaland


With Family Tree DNA’s new page – here is the place to click for the download of Raw Data if you want a fresh file for upload.

ftdna data


Here is one of my posts about how tos for uploads!


This shows uploading to ftDNA but also has info about DOWNLOADING from multiple companies!

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