The Mur-lund Propeller – A new ride at Six Flags

Let’s all take the ride! Getting the vaccine is wonderful, it is liberating – sign up today!

A ride to a vaccine and seeing our state propelled into a safer future for Marylanders and all our neighbors and country’s folk. Go Go GoVax Propeller!

Six Flags, Maryland has stepped up to be the location of one of Maryland’s largest mass vaccination sites. It opened February 5th. Six Flags is partnering with our state and its wonderful governor, Larry Hogan. We are experiencing the rapid deployment of vaccines, protecting the citizens of Maryland and propelling us toward a safer future.

We are in the age group to be signing up now to get a Covid 19 vaccination. Moderna, Pfizer, J & J we do not care. Here is the arm, poke it. After signing up via phone with our county, we were entered in the system and when appointments came open we received a text each this morning at 8:01 am. Following the prompts to sign up we had appointments in short order and the site filled to capacity all too quickly.

The site explains that more appointments will open soon so just stay with your phone and be ready to click yes. Below you will see the link to the page to make appointments throughout Maryland. It was easy to navigate and there are lots of phone numbers for those who cannot use a computer or device to make an appointment. All county health departments are helping residents.

The mass-vax site is all done in the car in a drive through set up. The new “ride” at Six Flags is a ride today for a safer tomorrow.

We are so excited and will share our ride on the Mur-lund Propeller next week!

Find a vaccination site in Maryland

February 11, 2021 – One down and three to go. Well five to go if you count the desire for the 1st variant booster. Dai got his first shot today, my first shot will be this coming Saturday and we are booked for the first week of March for our 2nd shots.

It was quick and easy. Everyone was very nice. Go Mur-lund!

Getting the vaccine at Maryland’s 6 Flags mass vax site was quick and easy. We were schedules on different days. This is our first visit to the mass-vax site for his first vaccine. The page will be updated with each added visit we have to complete our vaccine courses.

Our second visit, for my first vaccine, is in an ice storm and cars are cutting in the line. When we arrived the line’s end was 0.3 miles from the turn off Central Avenue. We were over 1.5 hours in line just on Central Ave waiting for the turn to the road. Cars came from both directions and the flow moved better when the Maryland State Troopers directed traffic.

The ice storm eventually closed the site early. The Maryland State Troopers directing the lines of cars to the tents were having to stand in freezing rain to do their jobs, this is going to be a long tough year for them working.

Reading The Weather Channel the day of the vaccine was a bit stressful. We were going in an ice storm for my vaccination.

The folks were so kind and made us feel safe and comfortable to get our ride on The Mur-lund Propeller of Hope.

Folks should not fail to register with Go-Vax site and check in daily. Using the smart phone it was easy to sign up and it was a great feeling of contact to know what to do, just in case.

Next visits to the mass-vax site to get our 2nd doses of vaccine is the beginning of March.

March 4th 2021 and he has his second shot.

Arm ready as we approach the vaccine tent at the 6 Flags mass vaccination site in Prince George’s County, Maryland

Here is a page where I am adding places to get the vaccine. It is for any place in the world as I find and verify places to get the vaccine. If anyone knows places to get the vaccine I will post. For any language, for any country, any state or province or city or town or village, I will post the information – freely.

Covita Vida Vaxi Nation


All my pages have Google translate and you can read the work in any language they offer. The link is on the top right on most desktop systems and at the bottom of the page on most mobile devices.

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