Coming soonest ~ Its Mi Phone and You Can’t Touch it! :-)


I still have an old phone card some where and I certainly have phone tokens for overseas phones.

They need to hurry up and get a chip implant in our heads – if we can find them. Us elders will not remember where the phone is much less the password.


But oh, are they ever fun phones – it is almost as much fun as my first pink princess phone (in Alabama) or my first satellite phone (in the Middle East) that was the size of a weekend bag.

DSCN0172 (2)

The saga – coming soon

Right off the top I will tell you – two phone calls to Apple help and one visit in the Apple store, and it still took a Verizon person who also linked the Sim card, to tell me how to turn off the iPhone 11. Press the right hand button along with either of the up or down buttons on the left side, at the same time and hold until the swipe slider on the screen pops up.

blog iphone phones shut down commands (2)

There is good reason to not turn off any phone with the “Find My Phone” feature, but there are times you want to turn it off. Not just lock it and make it go blank screen, but turn it off. It was like pulling teeth to get that out of anyone for my new iPhone 11 Pro Max

I will never know if the last lady on an Apple call was being snide, or did not understand my question, or thought I did not need to turn it off and so just decided to not tell me how? I was thrown, momentarily, by this hold and press on the right side turning up Siri. And of course then spent another day thinking maybe the phone had an issue and would it be a bother to get the exchanged.

blog iphone phones shut down commands picture (2)

All know I love my Google and I guess I should have tried the Pixel, and I hope I don’t regret my choice. But it took Google to really get my Apple answers.

Only after the in-store 50-mile-away visit and toward the end of the 2nd Apple call, did it finally come to light that your APPs are safe at the APP store and in getting a new phone you do not need anything except to go and sign in and you will be guided to all your likes. There is a way to tell your phone to view which APPs you have liked in the past, and click, and it will tell you which of those APPs you do not have on your phone, and it will offer a tiny cloud icon to tap and get all your favorite APPs again in a list. But it was way too obvious a question, I guess, and way too sophomoric, and way too senior-haven’t-got-a-clue.

By the time the question was answered, we were all worn out. The 2nd lady kept going on about sending us a gift because we had so many problems and I chuckled at how this must be the get off the phone routine and you will never hear from them again – and we did not. No follow up emails or anything. But I have my Google that works just as well on an Apple.

Copy of goog88le 2



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