Helena And Her Daughters

Boy howdy, am I going to just mess this up – but here is a mt-DNA, slap it together in five minutes, I-got-my-results-now-what – moment.

The best place to start is Maciamo Hay’s website Eupedia – just google Eupedia and any haplogroup you like – add the qualifier of either mt-DNA or y-DNA and boom you will have the best explanation of the haplogroups you can find anywhere on Maciamo Hay’s wonderful website.

Here is Eupedia’s mt-DNA Haplogroup H page… (Look for your sub group – if your refined group is not listed then it is not written about yet and maybe you are refined to a rare spot – hooray!)


So for instance – Hay’s Eupedia notes that MOTHER H1 lived about 22,500 years ago! Easy to read!

Then of course Rebecca’s Ab Fab site Haplogroup.org site and here is a note she has for H1a


There are always Facebook groups you want to search for. Use the qualifier of wither mt-DNA or y-DNA and had yours and then search – there are groups for every aspect of DNA research.

There is even a group for our own H1a and H10 and H3 and so on.

Then of course the wonderful ISOGG –


and their tree!


From this page see – RO and that SHE was the MOTHER of H! Click on RO and see the DESCENDANT mutations.


{{this is for the y-dna (male line of a male) on ISOGG – }}}}


And the use of Helena for the mt-DNA Haplogroup H is from Bryan Sykes’, the British geneticist’s book


The names were updated – at one point and then the idea of using names was sort of dropped and now we are usually just the groups

I am H10a1, my hubby is H3k1a, my father’s mother’s mt-DNA is H1ag1

My daughter-in-law (and so grandchildren) is U3 and my other daughter-in-law is H59.








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