By Nov 30th? – The tree is released. Oh dear, dear, dear! – (New family trees next week on ftDNA! Whoo Hoo!)

ARCHIVED POST from previous years

December 16th The new trees are impossible – so far. I don’t even know what to say. Countless are flabbergasted at the mess of the trees. Who can read them anyway.

1st Week of December – The evolution of blog titles!

Another Update: We are waiting!!! Ooohh. I promise I will try to report as soon as the dust settles and they have made them work!

Copy of tree updating

Original Post –

Are you in? Are you part of? Have you tested anywhere? Upload your raw data today!

Then you can join us in the family and friends DNA project! We welcome autosomal cousins – they help to see the many relationships with the y-DNA family groups!

And if you have not tested now is the time – check out all the sales on ftDNA!


I am going to share some screen captures. How to adjust the size of the page contents, will be number one. I will need to see it.

The word is, people will be able to invite family to their tree…

I am working to see what is what. I do have a person who has not had any tree before and we will see how it goes from scratch.

I did not want to go another day without saying – I am looking at it. Well looking, but “seeing” very little.

I invite all readers to tell me what they think. And please say if you want your hints and helps added to the page to help others.

There has been an awful glitch about gender and although my pages of our family got the gender sorted – the problem is back. My son with his y-DNA sequenced, is now listed as my daughter.

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2 thoughts on “By Nov 30th? – The tree is released. Oh dear, dear, dear! – (New family trees next week on ftDNA! Whoo Hoo!)

  1. I did the test for mtDNA with ftDNA many years ago and upgraded to Family Finder later, but find the site difficult to use. I can’ say I’ve learned anything about my DNA or genealogy and I’ve never found a match. I’d love it if you did a piece on why and how to use ftDNA.

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    • Martha, I need to update this really soon! The screen captures are old for the main page of your dashboard – But for the matches pages it is very close to the same pages. The trees will be new next week and so I am waiting to do full updates. But, if you want to join the family and friends projects of ours your are welcome. Under the projects page look toward the bottom for DUAL projects, Click the F and then see the French Broad River Families. I will try to have a look and tell you if there are any particular things to note. With the new phasing of relatives now available for your FF matches then asking relatives – like 1st cousins plus you can have some of your matches flagged as to how they are related to you. And so if you know how any of your matches are related you will enjoy that tools.


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