I want Composite Admixture! ~ I have no shame. Sure, get your admixture and bet the farm on it. While we are at it, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

Some people test DNA just for admixture. And from the results, some people might make a lifetime’s pilgrimage to a supposed recent ancestral location that might or might not be accurate. As genealogists, whatever degree of expertise, we want the client, need the work, and so remain complicit with the testing companies about the accuracy of their results. (Same problems as with falsified trees.)
Are we not even ashamed? There is much more to the story of every person’s admixture than any company offers in its click bait advertising. Commercials that tug at the heart strings of a person longing to know ancestors who moved many places, many times and that is a lot of people.
To tell people, all this is completely valid info, and written in stone, so to speak is just wrong. Especially in the regions where the DNA is a mixed pool as with all of Western Europe and the UK being so similar the look is like twins. Or, in sub-Saharan Africa ancestries, folks get results but not told much of the population (like much of Europe and Asia) have been up ended, moved and remixed dozens of times in some of these areas.
I made this (below – Admixture comparison) for my folks to look at. You see I have no opinion in it – except to say ‘feelings-wise’ I ‘liked’ one the best, and liked another because it was big, and another because it was my first (love) company I tested with.
Forget any company in thinking of admixture – this is your DNA – it is being compared to other DNA  – and world-wise we need more DNA. The idea that admixture can be accurately read needs to tell every person – for what period and to what degree.
Spencer Wells said years ago in his Journey of Man (or one of them, this is paraphrased) the world’s DNA is mixing so thoroughly, that if this technology for reading the DNA had come along 100 years in the future it might not have been possible to locate any DNA origins.
But hearing his and @Razib Khan’s recent Insitome pod cast (see below, I love it and their work – click to follow them even if you won’t click follow for me, and I hope you will follow me also) about, among other things, re-dating R1a and R1b, and re-locating R1a among other changes we might think back to Wells from more than 10 years ago and wonder if it was not already too late?


Here is the page I add information to all along with updates from my admixtures results at 8 companies and a bit of gedmatch added.



Gedmatch makes the idea easiest to understand we cannot take every last dime we have for a world trip to any old-world country based on an admixture reading and be where ‘we’ are from. Not just one place. But, we are almost everybody, anyway. Almost anyone can go, almost anywhere and they will be able to know they could have been there before. (Upload and see yourself in every admixture reading they offer – it is a must if you love your admixture!)



Everyone should be required to see all their different admixtures with all the different readings offered at Gedmatch – first – all in a row. Here you are in HarappaWorld – here you are in Euro what – or Helio whatever – People need to understand the distance that is being read – in each company, and each different reading. Then they may appreciate more that admixture is not written in stone and what we can read and know right now is likely only the tip of the iceberg of what could be understood – if…

This pedigree collapse story is about Europeans but this applies to all regions, continents of the world for all time. We are everybody! All peoples!



A few things in genealogy research stand out to me that I question. Why did I not see or rarely see adoptions or more records of mis-attributed parentage, as it is now being called (also non-paternity events – or call it life)? Now DNA testing is revealing these biological changes in our ancestries. This is wonderful – I have loved verifying, as far back as I can, every one of my family lines using au-DNA aka at-DNA in conjunction with y-DNA and mt-DNA.

1Copy of 01a Copy of cherie known dna haplogroups

Autosomal DNA can only take us so far back in time. But using autosomal DNA in conjunction with y-DNA (the paternal line, the father’s father’s father’s father’s line) and mt-DNA (the maternal line the mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s line) we can learn about the families and their migrations for not just hundreds but thousands of years. See in the contents – for several blogs where i talk about how much I love all our family haplogroups. I believe my learning about many haplogroups of many of my ancestors helped me to understand and bring into perspective not only haplogroups but DNA for genealogy and anthropology. Fake stories about admixture taints the magnificent beauty of DNA.

There is more to DNA testing than admixture – I believe my learning about many haplogroups of many of my ancestors helped me to understand and bring into perspective not only haplogroups but DNA for genealogy and anthropology. Fake stories about admixture taints the magnificent beauty of DNA.

But how many people test DNA and never know the many other things that can be learned through the results like matching with relatives for the companies that also offer this – many only see the admixture.

Can we imagine what the admixture of any ancestor might be like and how it would be additional information we cannot see in our selves? My mother’s and my paternal Aunt’s DNA gave me another generation of matching – and both had admixture that together would not add up to me. Maybe a wonderful solution will be when we can test many artifacts of our late family members and see the admixture of many family members – it will be everything.

Then I bet Gedmatch will make a new feature. You can upload multiple ancestors/relatives and they will piece you together in a composite admixture!

I can’t wait – I want it!

Here is a short video about how many ancestors we have.

I love my admixtures – all of them. I am serious.

– I am not deprecating the companies or any genetic genealogists, all trying to compete and I certainly want each and every version of me to be had and and i hope for more in the future – but this is still a pioneer science and we are all pioneers and admixture results change. To me the companies should do a 2 fer deal on ancestor artifacts testing when it is introduced and have the elder admixture presented in a certificate of dominant gene locations.

Here is a client (used with permission) over 6 years. Four different readings from the same company for one person, I have two years that it did not change but shows the duration of the same reading for a longer period of time.

Make a pilgrimage to an ancestral homeland? Pick any place you would like to go – you are from there also – back in time.

All admixture results should have flashing neon signs – mostly – for entertainment purposes only.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One person over 6 years – we’ve come a long way baby!


Spencer Wells and Razib Khan’s Insitome Pod Casts – follow them!

Paradise Lost!


Every color, every country, every religion, every body.

We all are all the world – one way or another!

In keeping with my attempt to have a music for genetic genealogy tradition, here is a song for this blog.
Tour The World – Official Music Video
Louis Armstrong’s, What A Wonderful World:

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