APRIL 2020 update. Small Business Saturday ~ And there are a bunch of us small, and not so small anymore, businesses to support!

Update for April 2020. With the COVID-19 Pandemic, it is more important than ever to remember our small and local businesses. Being an old hack from the woder world, we would go to places armed with face coverings, gloves and daily medications to take for Malaria. Those are other “war stories” for another day.

But thinking of ways to help all our small businesses, see if they have gift cards you can buy now and use later, I visited Chesapeake’s Bounty and got a gift card. My elderly aunt needed to stop going to grocery for the stay cat and so I got her goodies from Pepper’s pet Pantry and then realized she would have Shepherd size bandannas and we could have face coverings and also support our Pepper’s.

Be sure also to see our blog for the Pandemic which we are trying to update as along as we can.


Bandannas from Pepper’s Pet Pantry. You can call and order by phone and they will bring it to the car outside – No contact purchasing!


Calvert County Farmer’s Market Association have organized to have online ordering for families and no contact pickup. If you do not have this where you live then share this idea with your local Farmer’s Association.

They made it very easy to order and we can no-contact pickup at the Prince Frederick location of get added delivery.

THIS LINK IS DOWN – updating today April 20th by evening we hope.


In-between – main page: https://calvertag.com/


mask blog

Chesapeake Custom Embroidery has stepped up

Masks Masks Masks

This wonderful local company took their business and adapted to help. We have needed masks in Southern Maryland and all over the country and Chesapeake Custom Embroidery has stepped up!

All things considered I would say this is a reasonable price and they have shipping for those who do not live in SoMd!.


Sweet Sue’s Bakery in North Beach is another of our small businesses who is still staying open to help us all with wonderful things to eat.

Cake, Cake and Cupcakes and for good measure – Cake!

“Due to the changes involving the Governor’s “Stay at Home” order, Sweet Sue’s will only open on Saturdays and Sundays from 730a to 2p.
We will only accept online and phone orders during these hours. All payments will be processed remotely. The door to the shop will be locked and a table will be placed outside to pick up your orders.
This has been an agonizing decision. We feel obligated to provide service to our community but recognize the need for everyone to do their part to contain the spread of this virus. We ask that you please consider supporting Sweet Sue’s on the weekends to allow our business to sustain through these unprecedented times.
Online orders can be placed with the “Shop Now” button on our Facebook page or through our website www.sweetsuesbakeshop.com
Call us at 410-286-8041. We can process payment for gift cards over the phone if you are looking to support us in that manner.
We appreciate everything our employees have endured with us these past few weeks and know that these challenges are temporary. Thank you for your continued support.
Megan and Jon – owners”





All know I have been keen on DNA for genealogy and anthropology for eons now, and most of my blogs are about people living and dead and their DNA, their histories and herstories and lives – which include food and music.

There are stories, studies and articles, and archaeology and research to back them up, over which haplogroup marks the first farmers and which were the hunter gatherers. And there is much speculation about exactly when, why and how these groups emerged.

What led man and woman to master or mistress agriculture and create permanent communities? Maybe, like me, they had too much stuff to move. But they still had to eat, so our beloved farmers stayed with us collectors to found the first base camps!

But whatever made folks settle down, settle down they did. And the harvest time did come, first in nature but now through the toil of men and women who have their farms, their small businesses and services.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The pre-holiday dinner is the slow cooker’s dream. Clean, peel, do some slicing and crumbling; then add it all in the cooker and let it begin. I coat the bottom of the slow cooker with extra virgin olive oil. I add butternut squash in 4 pieces, carrot strips, and whole small (or cut) young turnips, and the whole green tomatoes. I like to add a package of ground beef crumbled onto my stews and fricassees and let the meat flavor the vegetables. I add a couple of cups of water, which will make stock. Then I add the London Broil on top and cook on extra low for 4-6 hours until the vegetables are done. All the vegetables can be placed on a dish for serving.

I then put the London Broil in a baking dish. I make sure I have enough stock by adding more water to the liquid in the slow cooker. I spoon the ground beef onto the top of the Broil. This will help hold the stock on top of the meat. I cover the pan tightly with aluminum foil and cook the London Broil in the oven for about 3 plus hours at 325 degrees. I turn it one time halfway through. I put the beef crumbles back on top and spoon the stock over the top. I add more water if needed.

With the beef stock and about 1/3 of the crumbled beef, I add a pound of dried beans. The beans should be rinsed and boiled in water for 5 minutes. Allow them to cool and drain the water off. Then add the beans to the meat stock and slow cook until tender, adding more water as and if needed.

The produce came from different farms; I must ask someone and add the names 🙂 The London Broil  and “about” a pound, more or less, 🙂 of ground beef, clearly came from Battle Creek Beef. But I got everything at Chesapeake’s Bounty here in Southern Maryland, some things at the North Beach location and some from the St. Leonard location


Whole green tomatoes are just delicious in with slow cooked meats and vegetables. Their idea of being a fruit bursts through with flavor like a tart and delicious sort of but not mango-like or papaya-like or peach-like yum! The London Broil is like tender butter and the stock adds to the already tender vegetables of butternut squash, young turnips, and carrots. This will feed us well while we cook the upcoming holiday dinners.

I love that someone came up with the idea of having a Small Business Day to remember our community companies and the people who work and even volunteer in the places we call home. I try to remember each business and service provider in our community. I encourage all my readers, countywide and worldwide, to look for your own small and local service providers and businesses and support them. If you know of some special ones in your community, add to the comments and share.

Use Google Search to find your local businesses. And start following local community pages on Facebook. We learned about companies we never dreamed were here.

Search for local farmers’ associations and markets and local meat and dairy.  Which roadside shops carry local goods. And who provides community and local work. Like our company for local and regional research (when time slots are available for particular places) from Richmond to the District of Columbia, from Charlottesville to Annapolis, it is family and local history that gives ancestry its color, flavor and harmony. Oh yes – music too.

SBS every year the Saturday after Thanksgiving

Save some of that shopping money to visit your local places on Saturday for Small Business Saturday!

Here are a few of our favorite places to support community people and events. Some are on websites and some are only linked through Facebook

Chesapeake’s Bounty

Locations in St. Leonard and North Beach. But of course you will want to visit them before and after Thanksgiving since much of dinner can come from them. They also they have beautiful flower arrangements in pumpkins and cornucopias, and Christmas trees of every size and shape and lots of wreaths and evergreen decorations.

Local, Farm-Fresh Foods from the Chesapeake Bay Region

and also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ChesapeakesBounty/

You can find harvest holiday fun and delicious items at Chesapeake’s Bounty. The sign of welcome to all is at the St Leonard location; I must get some photos for the holidays of their many Christmas trees! The photos of the produce are from the North Beach location!

As I wrote in the DNA of Dinner and other stories – we want to get our DNA sequenced and you can do this via the link to join our DNA project and get advice and help to decide which test. But then with your DNA results you will want to use my blog pages for your learning experience. See all about us below and here Cherie Lynn’s French Broad River Families DNA Project.



But we also know one of the most wonderful places to “go” for lessons on DNA is with DNACentral. They are also an online small business – that is not so small anymore. But home owned and operated by Blaine T Bettinger – and all accessible right from your computer or IOS device.

DNA Central Home

They also have this page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/geneticgenealogytipsandtechniques/



and also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MKONOFARM/?__tn__=%2Cd%2CP-R&eid=ARB0qbprBHbVg_OtsdTXcG87mbsQ-o03m_aCHCMm0b6g1E0ZeCzm_6O76ijGhpVB6QrFovtIblIfIQJ6

Monnett Farms


and also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/monnettfarms/?ref=br_rs

Copy of 21543877_924219354382874_1722263513503360170_o.jpg

13372 HG Trueman Rd
Solomons, Maryland 20688-1060 (410) 326-4006

Pepper’s Pet Pantry

Cannot forget to shop for the 4-legged creatures and Pepper’s has so much to choose from. The dogs can bathe and many can get coats and of course loads of food and everything you need to give the pets their holiday fun as well.


and also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PeppersPetPantrysomd/


The world of today depends on the wheel or your wheels. The wheel might have been late in history but it is none the less as important as dinner. And finding mechanic’s is like searing for a doctor. Some might even spend more time researching a doctor for their wheels than they do in a doctor for themselves.

Four Ts Garage in California, (Lexington Park), Maryland has many fans besides myself. One poster on their Facebook page wrote: “They did some custom exhaust on my ____  Totally exceeded my expectations, and I’m a picky …person)” 🙂

I feel the same way in the sense that I want to understand what they do and why. But they work on cars and trucks and they know the ins and outs of making them “run real fine” 🙂 as the saying goes.

Shockwave Disc Dogs LLC.

You must visit their page and see all the wonderful feats with the Shockwave Disc Dogs!




4 all of Southern Maryland Four Ts Garage

Copy of 14364848_1289743164370577_7699439397397694948_n

4 Ts garage just south of Walmart off Three Notch Road on the right. They are right after this car wash that I keep hoping to use before I drop it off.

on Facebook:



22664 Mercedes Dr (5.58 mi)
California, Maryland 20619
(301) 737-0077

SMAWL St Mary’s Animal Welfare league


Cardinal Creek Plant Farm


and also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CardinalCreekPlantFarm/

Calvert County Farmer’s Market Association


7th State Builders

There are times you just start hearing about a company that you had never heard of before and then you hear about them from many directions and even see them! They drove by in one of their trucks one day at an intersection – name so pronounced on the truck and I thought, I just heard about them!

With genealogy you think about thing like your ancestors location. The first county in Southern Maryland was Charles County – it had every where. Then one after another our home state’s counties came to be. This is a company I have not used yet! But maybe learning about them has spurred me to get some of these home jobs sorted out! And being they are from our 7th state of the union… a business to support!


Search your local associations on Facebook and often they will list their websites on those pages, making it easier to find them. Search for your county. Here is Calvert County with also wonderful family history and several DNA studies. The y-DNA haplogroup for The Calvert men of Calvert County is an R1b!

Broomes Island Produce Farm


Vintage Treasures and Nused Furniture



Cherie Lynn’s Herstory

Heirs And Heirlooms, Genealogy & Heirloom Replacement

We are also a small business 🙂

We as in me, myself and I, and all others who are recruited from my network – which is a state secret. We provide information to help you make decisions about DNA-for-genealogy and anthropology testing. We also do some genealogy and help each other to learn about our families’ pasts.

All too often, folks accept online trees with no documentation, then just add names and more names back in time. It is such a shame that we do not fill in the generations with personal and local history, and each generation’s vital record documentation. We use DNA to verify every line, using multiple relatives to identify every family group. We identify biological families and/or help to find information about our ancient ancestors.

You can discover and confirm some of the heritage of today’s farmers and yesteryear’s farmers and even the ancient farmers of long ago.

In DNA haplogroups, many see the y-DNA signature of G, who moved from the Fertile Crescent through Central Asia and eventually to Europe.

Our Dai’s grandfather grew up in Southwest Wales. His family were farmers then and before and now. And their ancient haplogroup and genetic signature tells us they descend from farmers who arrived maybe as early as 10,000 years before the present to farm the Gower and beyond.


Note the photo of this farm in Carmarthenshire, the photographer is herself 🙂

The Thanksgiving sale is on now but there will be other specials on Black Friday – I bet! So keep the link and wait for better sales – I think. There are sales all year long. All American holidays, DNA Day and so on, and different items all year long – so there will always be another sale. This site is my project but NOT monetized.


And, we can not only learn what our peoples ate, where and how they lived, we can also learn 🙂 what music they loved!

Aretha Franklin and Eurythmics – Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves (Remastered)

And for our beloved farmers – nothing like Extreme Sheep Herding with Lights!

Music for food growers!

Old McDonald Had a Farm – Ella Fitzgerald

Sheep – The Strawbs

Click Go the Shears – Lionel Long

Pastures of Plenty – Woody Guthrie

Now I’m a Farmer – the Who

Patches – Clarence Carter

Plow to the End of the Row – Adrienne Young

The Rain Came Down – Steve Earle

Next Year People – Colin Hay

A Rock Star Bucks a Coffee Shop – Neil Young

Thirty Years of Farming – Fred Eaglesmith

My Oklahoma Home – Bruce Springsteen


Another of my blogs on food and DNA



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