Massey Business College ~ Class Of…?

Sometime in the 1920s. Daddy Paw and (great) Uncle Louie are on the left at the back. Uncle Louie is wearing the bow tie and wearing his sly grin, Daddy Paw is at Louie’s back left shoulder – not the young guy left front of Louie, the swarthy looker at Louie’s left rearish.

Copy2 of rawhide massey knight stripling 020

Uncle Louie is on the left with the bow tie, why wouldn’t someone have told him his hair was lopsided? Daddy Paw there with his head tilted just a bit to to his right.

Birmingham was the 1887 founding location of Richard Massey’s business college. Paw, (Samuel Harry Knight) and Louie (Louie Daniel Stripling) and also Mamma Pearl (paternal grandmother, Emma Pearl Stripling Knight), all went to Massey but this is the only surviving photo – if Mamma was in this class, I cannot see her.

But it is important to scan and share. I checked e-yearbook and if anyone can check other sites, I do not see copies of class photos easily available for families to find their loved ones. So here is this one, and maybe with help we can figure out what year and hopefully you can find your ancestor.

If you see your ancestor, I am happy to get you high rez scans of them – and emailed to you.

Please all let’s share and maybe people can be identified and folks can have copies of their ancestor at Massey Business College.

Now please if anyone has copies of the school class photos for Paul Hayne School in Birmingham for the years 1940 through 1944 – particularly 1943 and 1944 – please share.

Copy of Copy of rawhide ma9ssey knight stripling 010Copy of Copy of rawhide massey knight stripling 010

From left to right the photo in five sections.

1 Copy of Copy of rawhide massey knight stripling 010

2 Copy of Copy of rawhide massey knight stripling 010

3 Copy of Copy of rawhide massey knight stripling 010

4 Copy of Copy of rawhide massey knight stripling 010

5 Copy of Copy of rawhide massey knight stripling 010

Identified – please let’s add to identifications

see more identified below

Copy of rawhide massey teacher knight stripling 011

Arthur Melville Bruce is named as manager in the 1922 directory in Birmingham; named as the president of the college in 1930 census;, and named as manager in the 1940 census. Married to Nellie, he had at least two children.

The Birmingham manager of Massey colleges was Arthur M. Bruce. He is also seen in a booklet for sale of the school. The seller seems to think the dating should be later, 1940s or 1950s, but based on my research and when I think Paw and Louie went to school, it could be the 1920s.

Ebay has this Massey Business Colleges booklet – I have NOTHING to do with this sale.

Folks should always search on Ebay and other sale sites if they want to find ephemera, artifacts and memorabilia about people and places.

In the 1930 census Bruce is listed as the President of the college. AncestryDOTcom of course has the census records, but some are free on Family Search and NARA.

About Massey Business College

from the archives of Alabama

Photos that show the Birmingham home of Richard Massey – see also our Canadian Massey’s – the cousins.

Maybe this is on top of Red Mountain – hard to tell – but considering the neighborhoods it is likely Red Mountain or Idlewild or maybe South Highland.

About Paul Hayne School

Wonderful photo postcards of early Birmingham

Identified – please help us add to the list of identified people and we will share


Copy of rawhide massey knight stripling 020

Daddy Paw – Harry – The man who reared me and taught me the begats of the good book and the begats of the family history. He with Mz Pearl and I traveled the roads of Alabama, Tennessee, the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida to visit and see family – alive and dead. Samuel Harry Knight


Copy of Cop7y 1of rawhide massey knight stripling 020

Louie Daniel Stripling, brother to Mz Pearl my grandmother, and son of John Daniel Stripling and his second wife Mary Zillah McCleskey or McCluskey Stripling.

any more identified? other years?






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