Making The FindAgrave Memorial… Farewell This Stardust Gee Gee

Some days the task of volunteering on the Find A Grave website feels like a burden — days when it’s not just trying to add memorials and gravesites for posterity, but recording the death of a friend – of family. Like mother or sister or friend — Gee Gee, Georgie Anne Geyer.

She loved genealogy as I did and, like me, she had her DNA tested for anthropology  with National Geographic’s Genographic Project. Besides these shared interests, we learned through her genealogy that we shared a German ancestral homeland — with our ancestors’ homes less than an hour from each other. As we went farther back in time, the families got closer.

I will miss you Gee Gee.’s databases show your life, and your life shows how wonderful the databases at can be. They build your life story of  going to Vietnam to cover war and to Cuba to interview Castro.

The records show Gee Gee’s family back to Großbreitenbach, Thuringia, Germany, and mine to Saalfeld, Thuringia, Germany. With both of us loving the magic of the universe on display in the fairy caves, I can only wish we had gone there for their magic healing and had it all get better, be longer…

But it is now for me to miss and remember her. And maybe it is our homeland’s fairy caves that have carried us this far and more…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.’s and Wikipedia’s wonderful databases of information and illustrations. With Google to help you access both and more, we can give all of our family and friends a lovely memorial. It requires nothing more than someone’s time to share the stories of so many pieces of their lives and the lives of their ancestors. Then it is watching the coincidences of lives passing in time.

Copy of gee gee 5

Georgie Anne Geyer 1935 – 2019 from Gee Gee Geyer

New stardust has shown itself spreading a new light-us-sphere. There is a Gee Gee star shining to inspire us, through the night’s sky of sparkling beacons. As the New York Times so wonderfully alluded to in their obituary for Gee Gee:

My hometown’s caves:

gee gee

Chart from from Cherie Lynn’s Geyer Tree

Gee Gee on You Tube





The New Yorker has this nailed


Georgie’s story about DNA –



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