See, See, See I Told You Family Tree DNA Is The Best ~ New Family Tree DNA Features!

I have not even seen them myself yet – I have no clue – but will get Cherie Lynn’s Hints And Helps up as soon as I can play with it! Play with me! What do we think? Who is in the beta group? Here is the list in the email from our ftDNA.

And, they have – from their email:

So What’s New?

  • Onboarding Wizard – For people who don’t have a tree yet, the system will automatically detect this and walk the user through every step of creating a tree. The wizard is the center of the product; however, if you already have a tree, you will be able to upload a GEDCOM and import your existing tree.
  • Intersecting Lines – Using the new cutting-edge graph database (GDB) computing system, the new trees will be more intuitive, fluid, functional, and fun! Irritations with issues like the inability to add the same person to a tree more than once should vanish. Also, site errors and multiple empty trees should be a thing of the past.
  • Optimized Loading – Everything should load faster and smoother. In addition, the tree will be more intuitive. You will know exactly what you’re looking at and the meaning behind it.
  • Exporting GEDCOMs (not implemented in the current beta, but expected in the next month) – For the first time, and based on customer demand, all FTDNA customers will now be able to export GEDCOM files. You can save a copy of it for yourself to use however you wish!

I am off to learn and let’s all learn together – more soonest!

Upload your autosomal DNA to Family Tree DNA

or test with theirs – The autosomal DNA test is called the ‘Family Finder’!

There is privacy – there is easy turn on or off!

There are my favorites – the y and mt testing and – – – learn Haplogroups

Cherie Lynn’s Heirs And Heirlooms Hints And Helps – Understanding 101 to try to learn.


















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