I Call It Too Much Prosperity

More accessibility than good sense. More, money, more power, more stuff, more risk, fat, sugar, failures and frustration. I also share how it is like “mob mentality”. All those voices in your inner self are like a multi-verse of opinions. That advice – those advices – those vices, with no reason in thinking, take us down paths of stupid choices.

Like quitting school. I quit. But I could not quit, until a situation arose to facilitate my exit. When I got a ride. I did not have a place to stay, but I did have a ride. It took two people to facilitate a really bad choice.

But even with a ride it was a horrid, mistake.

Everything is – so life over – so important – so overwhelming when young. Well, it is, only if one plays into that misinformation or feeds it with emotional vapors, or sugar, or no water or malnutrition. Some new-age bull does not take into account – self sufficiency – with dignity.

With two or more mob mentalities feeding each other with support and agreement, suddenly the path to run away becomes clear. We lunge forward – and the ground drops out from under our feet. Maybe not today, but how can one get ahead on minimum wage? lol

Even after a long life, today as a senior employee, if I were to search for part time, a Social Security job, about the best I can do could be food waitress.

One friend after another will stall in their entire life because they quit school.

Quit? No.-Become a professional student until the offer of a lifetime comes in. Get the f-k up and in advancement – not digressing.

In my family, and of my generation and the next generation, we have three PHDs, four RNs two of them with added Social Work, Masters. Multiple BA degrees.

Come on –

Picked on at home? – maybe? – but when one is renting a cheap flat where you worry about being assaulted between the front door and the parking, how bad is that?. Or since one is a minimum wage worker, living, where you can be assaulted going down the cheap hallway to the shared toilet, or trying to put the key in your door in a dark hallway, there are a lot of things we might NEED to put up with to get ahead.

Picked on? don’t answer.

Its called KEEP SCHTUM and don’t pick back.

For 20 years, we watched the “sugar” being shared like it was a good thing. I remember one Christmas and Dai said, if they have sugar for breakfast again, I will not spend the day with them. But he did not get his wish and would not leave me alone with psychotic rams.

There are immediate consequences. There are contracts. There are promises.

Make some promises to oneself.

And if one gets any professional help and advice, make sure the counselor has more than a certificate course in Bull Shit. And one never wants any counselling for personal or professional life from anyone who has no education themselves.

Plan the date – go to school. Plan to go back to school. Learn online – anything.

There is an entire world to see and do. It will never all be seen and done. But there is nothing to see, that is not costly, in money or time. Spend more time with those people.

It is not a kind world. It is a cruel world.

In our new age of super intelligence and holier-than-thou, where people think “I know so bloody much, and you are stupid old people,” there is no context of life and history and herstory.

We might believe we are kept from a utopian society, where we can tiptoe through the tulips by these ogres at home and at school and at work. But it takes cold hard cash to live. And lots of it.

One can choose to be the maid that cleans up an airbnb after visitors leave, or be someone who can afford to stay at an airbnb. But we might hope for all those we love that they will be well educated and be able to own Airbnbs.

Genealogy teaches us many lessons about education and prosperity. Census questions vary from decade to decade. Depending on the year, we see questions like: Can the person read or write? Is the home rented or owned? How far did the person get in school?

Too much prosperity that hurts comes in privileged homes. Too much money for the grocery will mean too much sugar and a country full of young people who get diabetes. Too much prosperity comes in doing too much – too busy to just visit and just be. Too busy to notice one of the clan is being left behind. Think.

Credits for photo: Wikipedia

Cover Picture: We have too little respect for the cost of no education. These last years show us that the failures to educate a couple of generations of the population has led to social media with kitten and puppy pictures being the go to source for life guidance.

Dunce_cap_from_LOC_3c04163u.png ‎(414 × 552 pixels, file size: 193 KB, MIME type: image/png)

DescriptionCropped portion of stereograph
Datecirca 1906
AuthorNew York : Underwood & Underwood, publishers
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