Gaetano Brandi, The Man of Feeling, or the Gentleman’s Musical Repository ~ Music of the 18th century and beyond.

Gaetano Brandi 1728 – 1829

Gaetano’s death record states he was 101 years old when he died and was buried at St. Pancras, the 28th of May in 1829. We know little about him before he married Rebecca Dando in London 1790. But a couple of newspaper mentions let us know he was playing music, either the oboe or flute, back to the 1770s in London.

This composition, which was performed at the time, was sold in many music shops across the British Isles, with many ads over a period of time in the newspapers.

brandi 1

The library bought the copy I did not, from a book seller in Germany. But you can believe there will be other copies to come up for sale. This one sold for 249 Euros.

The library of Scotland has beautifully scanned this copy and placed it online for the world.

Print it out and play it and please record it and send me a link to it on You Tube so we can share Gaetano Brandi with the world again.

This copy at the library has some handwritten notes. I wonder whose hand?

brandi cover page

This wiki of Gaetano’s nephew, Joseph Haydon Bourne Dando (1806 – 1894), named Gaetano as one of his teachers.

brandi died 1829

Name: Senmor Giactonar Brandi
[Gaetano Brandi
Age: 101
Record Type: Burial
Birth Date: abt 1728
Death Date: abt 1829
Burial Date: 28 May 1829
Burial Place: St Pancras Parish Chapel, Camden, England
Register Type: Parish Register –

London, England, Church of England Deaths and Burials, 1813-2003

Gaetano on findagrave


Down the middle of the screen is a list of all the performers and in the third cropped page see Gaetano Brandi in the Oboes.

brandi 1790 1top


brandi 1790 2middle

brandi 1790 3bottom

brandi 0


Brandi, Gaetano Brandi 1801 The Man of Feeling or the Gentleman’s Musical Repository

Another listing. There are about a dozen just in the online papers – so there would have been many more at the time.

brandi 4Copy77 of brandi 4

In the tax record for his home, Gaetano Brandi has his address as Buckingham Place. This does not exist today as such. Trying to locate the address in the first decades of the 19th century on a map of today is not easy. Much of the area around the palace in those years is either behind the walls or is under the paved roads of today.



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