Failed Forensics – DNA When It Did Not Work As It Should Have

{{{{I for one always thought of Family Tree DNA as the trusted go to company for DNA testing. 

When were they planning on notifying us? SEE below

I want to add multiple people – but I can’t add them to the database – I don’t have permission.

Sell or allow freely – or for a fee – adding around the 4th amendment is stunning.}}}}}


A poster in one of the many DNA for genealogy/genealogy groups on Facebook asked recently about any references to stories about mistaken identity in DNA uses by Law Enforcement (paraphrased). Then the subject went around many of the Facebook groups geared to DNA for genealogy. Subsequently many links were shared in many groups and I thought I would gather as many of the links as I could find and have them in one place to refer to. Since it was such a popular topic I thought we should share and ask if there is more info others know of or would like to share or thoughts or feelings.


helix wallet

No particular order. Always only click IF you have computer internet security protection – software – up-to-date. Even if I share a link – any link could be hi-jacked in the future – especially with old website that might be abandoned.


Video and YouTube Video


3 minute promo –




X free per month –

Must download files – or behind paywalls.


In book print form


Added reading –


DNA and Mosquitoes –


This story is slightly different but is when things go wrong – about sperm doners


Are they also going to make sure – they research it right!


Maryland and the law – the peoples’ rights protectors






2 thoughts on “Failed Forensics – DNA When It Did Not Work As It Should Have

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