Kitchen Shopping ~ Appliances large and small, do it online – at least you will get a follow up email.

But there is a lot of pressure to get you from the online shopping page to the human contact, and if there is a commission, it will be that much more aggressive to get you from clicking to talking.

It is true that human research is more valuable than the click function: width, height, cubic feet, self-cleaning — mistakes can happen, so the more eyes on the purchase details the better. But without the online research I would have never known the options – worldwide or rather nationwide – and since there is a brand new free trade agreement, don’t forget all American products.

The kitchen is tiny. There was a large stove with an oven that would cook the biggest turkey going and the refrigerator was very small to fit the slot. We had bought the small fridge from the same company a couple of years before and they had installed the plastic – or whatever material – water line. I cannot imagine not changing out the water line anyway – just like the gas lines, but for different reasons. In cleaning the kitchen, we realized the cabinet between the fridge and stove could move. so we got a bit smaller stove and a much larger fridge. Perfect for folks like us who microwave frozen food more than we cook.

I made contact through online chat once I had sorted through the last 5 stoves and 6 refrigerators for the upstairs kitchen. The chat was not in fact online chat; it was give your info and get a text answer on your cell. I did go with this company, I have done business with them for 15 plus years and I am happy enough. But this purchase did glitch, slightly.

I asked if my account had been found and I was assured it had. I made the mistake of thinking the human salesperson had seen my request that the unacceptable plastic water line for the ice-maker on the last fridge  should be replaced with a copper line, but they had not.  I went on and on about the quality of well water and the levels of minerals and how I wanted and hoped for a fridge with an ice-maker filter. Everything from lead to arsenic to sulfur, and I almost went with a fridge that did not have a filter. But I dragged my feet on the sales pitch while I continued to search.

I read out to the human helper the list of items to buy with the appliance and I am sorry I did not insist on adding the deluxe waterline installation, because it was needed. I do not see how my wishes could have been misunderstood. I repeated over and over – I want to get everything. Nonetheless, a new water line and installation was not on the order, only a basic installation. Then one is having curbside negotiations. At first I was told there was no new water line on the truck , but in the end there was – so I got the basic installation for fridge and then paid on top of that the price for the added installation and line. I called the company’s office, but it wasn’t their problem. The man could not even be bothered to speak to the installers. I don’t give bad reviews so the company remains nameless.

We have not even started on the summer kitchen in the basement. I have found maybe 2 stoves and 3 fridges, but this needs alternative cooking and no way to add more cubic feet for the fridge without adding loads of money. We are not as lucky as with the upstairs kitchen where a cabinet could move, so online research before the online chat is in order. And next time, I need more online verification, in writing, much less curbside negotiations.

There are always the big names in appliances, and if you need something outside the standard sizes, you might need one of the big clearing houses like Amazon. There are always Target, Sears and Walmart. I suggest Googling as I always do; search for the best place to buy appliances. The best website, with ease of use, and which says they will deliver nationwide, is A. J Madison. We live in the Washington, D.C. area and they say they are coming here with a shop as well. Being that I am still searching for appliances, the ease of website use was a plus and they seemed to have a larger selection. They did have real online chatting for questions and answers, and offer warranties. Since all the companies farm out the warranty service for  outlying customers, and since few repair companies service our area, they are maybe on a level footing as far as that goes.

For online shopping I check and use the reviews and I caution – buyer beware even with human help! The world is shopping online – and at least one might get a follow up email.






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