Hellloooo? Llanfihangel Aberbythych, Carmarthenshire is not Llanfihangel, Monmouthshire. Ancestry DOT please fix your mistake in the computer glitch for places.

If your computer is wrong about locations – and this is not the only example – then how can your DNA locations be correct? Or your other suggestions for ancestry tours and records searches?

All entries for this family on these Ancestry pages are entered as Llanfigangel Aberbythych, Carmarthenshire, Wales.

But invariably, the computer software is picking up Llanfihangel, Monmouthshire, and will not allow any corrections to be made in the LIFE STORY feature.

Also on the map, the computer is showing the Llanfihangel in Monmouthshire, not the one in Carmarthenshire. This is incorrect. The two places are far apart and in different counties.

Please fix this and let me know when I can print out a Life Story that is correct.

But for our DNA ethnicity, as AncestryDNA calls it, are these geographical location mistakes going to affect the eventual nuanced locations we will be getting in our DNA results?


llanfihangel aberbythych

You can see in the information for William John, his death place is entered as Llanfihangel Aberbythych, Carmarthenshire, Wales. This is how it is listed in the parish records, the bishop’s transcripts, the county records for the Wills and Estates and civil birth, marriage and death records. It is not and it has never been Llanfihangel, Monmouthshire – that is a different place.

1806 mistake

Compare this birth of daughter with the entry in the above profile page. You can see that the computer software confuses the two Llanfihangels and changes the birthplace when it generates the Life Story.

llanfihangel wrong not aberbythych

It also makes the mistake on the map.

llanfihangel wrong not aberbythych 2

Further down the page of William John’s life story, you see entry after entry with this same mistake.


On the left, barely seen, stands David W B Jones, the great great great grandson of William John, on a visit to the family farm in the Llanfihangel Aberbythych countryside
Cherie Lynn – Cherie Lynn
Countryside of the western portion of the parish.
File:Llanfihangel Aberbythych Countryside.jpg
Created: 25 August 2006


Carmarthenshire to Monmouthshire is 86 miles according to Google.


There are many locals in the British isles and Europe and you will not be able to only use town names for geographical locations. These are electoral districts and they are parishes – and for genealogy we need the parish – 

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