The Artists – The ’20s – South Florida

Let’s watch the names grow! And all their family histories and herstories!

Will there be any 6 degrees?

Adding dates of when artists came and went from social notices and records in the newspaper, plus genealogy.

The Paris self-portrait, young Sherman circa 1901 and Passport Photo 1924

Reginald Sherman Kidd – Reginald Sherman Winton 1877 – 1952 Mansfield, Ohio – Tallahassee, Florida son of John Edward Hutton Kidd and Caroline Mary Julia Carrie Lee Kidd

For: PBHS, Mizner, Dodge, various

Marion Simms Wythe

Architect Exterior Mar-a-Lago

Joseph Urban

1925 arrives in Palm Beach – Architect interior Mar-a-Lago

Mar-a-lago plans

Page 2

Robert Neff Bob Addams 1874 – 1951

For: Hugh Creswell; Marjorie and Edward Hutton;

About: Percival

Percival Clarence Dietsch 1991 – 1961 Saybrook Park, Connecticut –

For: before 1923 and after 1928 – Mural Artist for M & M Hugh Dillman etc. in Playa Riente; For: sculptor 1928 and before; Tea Mar 1928; Busts for Beatty, Van Dresser; Jones Wetherill;

Fratelli Angeli 1895-

For: Mural, Ceiling, For: Mizner, Cosden Playa Riente

Achille Pietro Giuseppe Angeli 1899 – 1953 Florence, Italy – La Spezia, Italy

1924 – 1926 plus For Mizner, Cosden Playa Riente

E G Roland 1900 –

worked 1925 sketches for Mizner

Jose Luis Sert y Lopez 1902 – 1983

For: Mural & architect

H R Corwin

Wiley Gilder Haynes

Peter Barwig

3rd brother name Angeli

For Mizner, Cosden Playa Riente

J J ?? Hollenbeck

Louis Agassiz Fluertes

Claggett Wilson – style??? Modernish???

Gardner Hale

Ann Fletcher

Philip Martin Schlomp

Franz Barwig 1868 – 1931 Czechoslovakia – Austria suicide by gun

Sculpture Murals For: Mizner Hutton Mar-a-lago

Add Flagler Whitehall names

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