Nebula ~ A Star Thingy Or A Cool DNA Company

UPDATE – this post was partly for a sale day – but last i checked the sales are coming up regularly so – look! – I still love my participation.

I ordered Nebula the day I heard about it on Facebook. Boom – I used the name and googled through a separate browser (I try to not click from Facebook) and bought one for myself and one for Dai — on day 1.

The idea is that you test with them and straight up you help medical research – and you can make money when they sell the data that includes your DNA for research. Maybe make nothing I guess also, if no researcher ever needs your DNA. But two of the other main DNA testing companies are making money hand over fist with your DNA, so why not get in the queue with your own hand out?  There is nothing else much I can do to supplement my Social Security and it needs supplementing.

But in-between, a few of their bits and bobs of information have begun to come in, and I like them too.




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The stories of me read through my genes by Nebula!

Folks who know me and DNA and genealogy and research know I am pushing 60 years since I was hanging onto my grandmother’s skirt hem as we descended into dusty county records offices to find out who Great Aunt Biddy’s granddaughter married so that we could find them in the phone book and go visit. Both Mamma and Daddy Paw loved the cemeteries and the all-day dinners on the ground and singing for ole home visits at the country churches – in multiple states. The move into journalism – then the move back to genealogy 50 years later – and then the leap into DNA-for-genealogy for the last decade and a half. And there are few tests and companies I have not tried — or know someone who has tried — so I have thoughts about the tests and the test companies.

I love the work and the fulfillment of family history with science. And the science is my own – my genes, my ancestors’ genes – and whether direct or linear, we each can contribute to science for posterity and maybe make a little on the side – maybe – and get a whole bunch of cool pieces of information about ourselves.

Nebula is wonderful – I got it and now I have some results. If you have tested all over the place, you may say, “been there done that.” BUT for me, this is the place I recommend to  start on using DNA for health.

I have already seen other places to test your DNA for health.  23andme has a package with medical and genealogy, and I think the price – other than a sale price – is down to $199. But I’m TOTALLY not sure about that.  Also I believe you can buy an add-on test at Family Tree DNA. Maybe that one is $49 or $29; again I really have NO clue. I have not ordered that test and I won’t.

So when it comes to whether I have wet or dry ear wax – I already knew this answer. But these readings and reports provide delightful new knowledge about one’s wellness and health. I am thrilled to have these and to contribute to science at the same time!

There are all kinds of things to learn about yourself, such as sensitivity to alcohol, or your amount of caffeine use. Do you like cilantro or can you smell asparagus in your urine? There are genes to be read for muscle strength or muscle volume; and a gene for nearsightedness. Is your skin sensitive? And what are your predispositions for vitamin levels?

Way cool all of it!

Here is a link:

This is their Facebook Page

I wrote today because I saw they have some kind of special. So go and consider participating.  I still so strongly believe in participating in DNA for posterity!


Here is my earlier story



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