Good Eats at 2 Soul Sisters

In Southern Maryland we are accustomed to few restaurants with tasty even scrumptious, yummy even delicious, mouthwatering even delectable food. We starve no more. The sisters are here and they are cooking. The meats are succulent, the vegetables are so flavorful and the desserts – oh the desserts.

Down in Lusby, at the post office entrance to the Ranch Club (Chesapeake Ranch Estates), is 2 Soul Sisters restaurant at the Lusby Town Square. For two years we have not been to a restaurant and had little takeout, but something told me to look up the 2 Soul Sisters online and see if we should call them for takeout. We were not only not disappointed; we were amazed.

I started cooking in my stepfather’s restaurant while standing on a milk crate so I could reach the grill. I know cooking. Cooking is an art like painting a picture; this flavor goes with that flavor like one color goes with another. A dish, like a work of art, must speak to you. Rosemary makes beef happy and the mouth water. Cheese makes creamed grits soft and warm and comforting. The cakes are rich and oh, did I mention they have a regular menu that will please with all the basics?

Finding this wonderful restaurant has been like a lovely memory for me, of the many cooks I stood beside to create mouthwatering meals.

The dinners above are a tiny sampling of their wonderful dinners, beside their regular menus. Did I mention Scrapple? Homemade?

These ladies are no strangers to great cooking and great people-oriented service. The food clearly comes from, and is served by, very special, talented ladies and their great staff, some guys too. They are offering varied dinners each week, added to their regular menu. And breakfast. And specials. And takeout. And delivery for some locations with a fee.

Wholesome and delicious food, in a friendly, welcoming place.

What will you have? Yum, yum, yum.

2 Soul Sisters has just become the 1st restaurant in Maryland (many more soon to follow) which can accept EBT for the community. See their page on Facebook and their website for more photos of their wonderful food.

2 Soul Sisters website

2 Soul Sisters on Facebook

Two Soul Sisters. Across from the Lusby Post Office in Calvert County, Maryland, it is an easy stop with lots of parking. See the links to their Facebook page and their website. They are posting the specials on their Facebook page also.

I would be unfair not to mention Golden Chicken restaurant in the Giant Grocery Plaza down from Starbucks. A staple of Lusby with wonderfully delicious food also. For a decade we have enjoyed their food and their friendly people. So although they do have some stiff competition now, they are still on our list of two great restaurants in SoMd.

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