My dinner is not late, Thanksgiving is early. DNA in harvest traditions

There WILL be more sales for the holiday from mid-December & also New Year’s for DNA

BLACK FRIDAY UPDATE: These links are NOT monetized – All Are PLUS Shipping unless otherwise stated and could change at any time.

Family Tree DNA has a 49$ sale for an autosomal kit SEE the FAMILY FINDER FREE SHIPPING

My Heritage is running a 39$ sale for an autosomal kit FREE SHIPPING if you buy two kits

23andme says “this is the best sale of the year” at 79$ for their autosomal – I will report and note if they lower the price again. Since they give not only a haplogroup guesstimation and they do not take uploads, they are a company to suggest because you can have them and them also upload to another site.

AncestryDNA says 49$ and since the do not take uploads then this is one of the places I recommend depending!

Living DNA has their full ancestry for 69$

IF IF ???? I can’t promise any will or will not go down or if the prices will comes back this low – BUT they all have holiday sales from mid-December and often the BEST sales can be New Year’s Eve and New Years Day!


Am I late on the guide to holiday DNA test sales this year.

I should have at least posted to say there will be sales – good sales – up to and on Thanksgiving. But you might consider waiting – there will “likely” be more sales and maybe deeper dish discounts.

BUT I cannot promise. In past years there were sales all year long, the competition has become fierce. From DNA Day in April – there is often something on discounted sale and so goes the rest of the year.

My heart has not been in it. The last couple of years of getting used to the disappointments in the industry and the feelings of betrayal I have felt over holders of my DNA making decisions about my DNA – making decisions about my body – without consulting me/us first. More and more news of ways to be part of medical research, and all the while – never recommending this for others. I only try them and then try to report just what the experience has been and is ongoing with some.

But it is not just DNA that has gone from intimate to public. It is online everything, and now we need a cloud hanging over our lives, to eat our cake and have it too. I guess we will need permission to access our selves in the future but I don’t worry about that because it will be costly and I will not be able to afford myself – later.

But with every new DNA product today, I am almost first in line, with my hand and arm raised, waving, I’m in! We pre-ordered the Geno 1.0 the day we heard and now Dante Labs is offering a DNA deal like never seen before.

But I caution – what happens to our DNA? There have been more than a few companies that have tanked and I wonder, where I am floating around the earth in what databases of As Cs Gs and Ts? But like my beloved, life-saving Medstar was hacked and held up for ransom, some DNA companies in the last years are now gone and there is no way to know what, went where, in most cases.

So if I am pushing DNA testing, why am I cautioning and reminding? – as I said more than ten years ago – “I told you so”, if you do not want family surprises – like new close relatives etc., and if you might be wanted for an indictable crime, where the law might have your DNA, you might think twice before testing. But this is long passe. Not just an indictable crime – any crime now. And most anyone in the USA is  fairly easy to identify from just a 2nd cousin with some of us DNA Genies. And remember, every blood test provided your DNA – it is already way too late to worry. Its long past 1984.

So let’s get ready to shop! But we have to eat first! And we can be more patient waiting for DNA sales on a full stomach. Just wait and see what Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offer and there will be a very special set of holiday prices from sometime about mid-December. And New Year’s will see a last sale offer until the next one… Valentine’s, DNA Day (April)?, Mother’s and Father’s Days, mid-summer sales. and then what? memorial sometimes, July 4th sometimes, Thanksgiving, and…

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I loved the Liberty Delight meats – tender and succulent! Look for more meal ideas with them!

The slow cooker brings an easy Thanksgiving dinner of turkey breast and vegetables and fruit. As with these flavor packed dinners, saute a pound of ground turkey in olive oil and then add your choice of vegetables with apples into your slow cooker and top with the turkey with ground meat stock. You have a wonderful dinner within about 6 hours.

Cooking acorn squash with cherries, walnuts, apples, and loads of whipped eggs makes a delicious souffle. (Slow cook these treats in the oven – keep it low 325 – 340 degrees you will see when it is done – half an hour or so depending on how deep your mixture is in your pan.  Adding a bit of the turkey stock makes the flavor nice and rich and then topping with marshmallows with a light browning makes a treat for dinner. The cooked onion with a bit of the cooked apple creates a relish to eat with your dinner of turkey breast, carrots, and squash – and don’t forget to add some cranberry!

Happy Thanksgiving with dinner ideas. Delicious turkey from Liberty Delight Farms, carrots from Sassafras Farm lots of goodies and onions and apples from Chesapeake’s Bounty on Wedgewood’s Sarah’s Garden – Sarah Ferguson’s brunch set. I like to cook and freeze Black-eyed peas early to have on hand lots for the New Year’s Eve and Day traditions for American South. World wide traditions come into play from east to west. I am adding New Year’s traditions for prosperity from around the world – share any you would like me to include.

Sassafras Farms


Liberty Delight


Back Forty Chicken Farm

I can’t find a link for them for certain. I got their eggs at Chesapeake’s Bounty

DNA sales! more coming soonest! Wait!

Start research. Research on what you want in DNA testing – first through last.

I used to suggest based on privacy first but that didn’t work out for the entire world.

But one thing to consider is that AncestryDNA and 23andme do not take uploads. So since some other companies do take uploads, then one might say IF I am doing the “autosomal” testing, maybe I should look into testing with… AncestryDNA and then uploading it to ftDNA.

But no matter how mad I am at them or any of the companies over their practices, everyone does need to have a sample at ftDNA for the haplogroup testing and the wonderful DNA projects –

DNA projects like ours!

French Broad River Families Project – Dual DNA Family Tree DNA















5 thoughts on “My dinner is not late, Thanksgiving is early. DNA in harvest traditions

  1. Some of the best prices may be on Black Friday or Cyber Monday although year end sales sometimes are better than Black Friday/Cyber Monday as they are trying to reduce inventory. Although MyHeritage at $39 is tied for the best price I saw last year. Going to be interesting to see if anyone breaks the $39 threshold this year.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Happy Thanksgiving, Cherie Lynn! Grateful for your time, energy and enthusiasm for our humanness, genetically and spiritually! Blessings to you and yours!
      I caught the mtDNA sale on FTDNA for $139 – looking forward to more discoveries of my maternal haplogroup and origins (I suspect some Roman! I call my mom the”imperialist” as her atDNA is largely showing Great Britian/Wales/Coventry,etc))

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  2. I took a screen capture last week where the ftDNA price on the Facebook post was $49. I bet that post was out of order because when I clicked the online page said $59 so must have been an early glitch. Will it come in this weekend or…? But you are right the New Year’s sales can be the best! A couple of my people got them the first week of this holiday sale and one fella’s FF has come in this week that was super fast. I have not heard if there are coupons for this year or what – but I usually have extra coupons to share we need to make a list of who wants what! 🙂 But for the Myheritage 39$ YES! will be amazing to see if anyone meets that.


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