The Mother Lode Of Bag Fibs ~ The bag was not the size stated.

UPDATE: Does the right hand not know what the left hand does – in this faster online world? Refunds sorted but it took begging and writing. But they were up and up, and did stand by their word – about the only luggage company that did – in this bag menagerie.

I got my first computer in 1983 – when I had my portable typewriter in tow arriving in Hong Kong and after little computer resistance – I never looked back – but it did not end the problem of the use of paper – it compounded it; and it did not make storage of lives cheaper and easier, it made it harder and now we give our lives on a cloud and if we wish to see our lives or visit them – we have to pay a subscription to… 

UPDATE: They did take the bag back but they charged me USD $8.43 for the return shipping. Considering the fact that they misrepresented the size of the bag – I do feel this is wrong – and information on the website about some of the bags is inaccurate and they do not stand by their promises total disappointment. But paying the 8.43 for the return was much better than if I had carried the bag, instead of leaving it at home – and gotten stuck with the charge for an extra checked bag which was USD $150.00 for our tickets on our flights

UPDATE: July 10th 2019, they still have the wrong size stated on the bag.

Copy of mother lode backpack wrong size july 2019

to today, it does not matter that they have the size of the bags incorrect


And if you need to return it make sure it is returned in under 30 days. So don’t buy ahead of time especially if you have a three plus week vacation planned because if the bags are defective in anyway you cannot return them – It will be too late.

But wait – the sale page says the size of the bag and that is a fib –

Copy of motherlode size 4

It says 22 x 14 x 9 – It is not – It is 23.5 and 14 plus and right at 10 – empty. It is a real why? Why? I made tracks to Marshalls and out of a store of luggage there was one of the right size for our airline. The luggage makers and distributors must love it with the regulations and new regulations and…

Copy of trip 2019 pano long lens 114

This is why it did not go on the trip – it was not the size it said on any dimension. This bag did not make the tour and will not by air. There are lots of places to buy bags. Never order the luggage ahead of time – it anything goes wrong you will be past the 30 days to return, especially if you take a three-week-plus vacation.

I even have the email from them that came before the 30 days was up. It offered the return and asked me to verify that it was unused. I replied to that email and then was told it was too late. – Cheap cheat.

See the earlier ‘The Racket Is In The Bag’ and follow up ‘Winners and Disappointments’ in Ice-Age Ancestors Tour in contents.

It is a total disrespect to sell the bag as one size and for it to be another.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This Corivan luggage guide says it all – and on tight flights they do enforce it. More than one was tagged as an extra bag along our routes and we were not having an extra USD $150 bag fee because eBags told a fib, misrepresenting their product.

Long travel with lots of gear; we were going with 2 checked bags each and two max carry ons. But we do not flaunt the rules – We took the max and respected the max unlike some companies that lie about the size of their bags and then won’t take them back. Don’t dare go for 3-week plus trip – there is no time if the products you are sold are not what they were said to be.

I went to Marshall’s and got an added carry on. I should have grown another self to get the bag returned before I went on the trip – there are lots of places to buy bags – they did not help me with the smart bag… and as for the…

The bag story keeps going…

What Battery Pack Do I Need for my Travelpro® Crew™ 11 Bag?


You will see photos of the bags we did take on our trip throughout the blogs –


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