Ice-Age Ancestors Tour ~ The DNA Of Cave Art

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Finding the documented results of the DNA sequenced from ancient skeletons is like a magical mystery cave art tour itself – Travel With A Challenge, as the site explains, that Genevieve von Petzinger wrote for her article about some of the caves still open to the public. Jean Manco’s saved site is the closest thing to a DNA guide and was the inspiration for a decade to make the ultimate ancestor pilgrimage of this trip. (See below for added DNA information)

There are even fun tests using designer DNA that can help you recognize your own genetic ancestry and enhance your experience as you visit locations where the history of man and womankind is well documented in archaeology, anthropology and now in genetics.

There are all kinds of stories with maps and reports on the people and their stories.

This has site after site with haplogroups noted for selecting you place to visit – there are caves and archaeological sites all over – and be sure not to miss “pedigree collapse” for sorting how how far back in time you would be related to cousins and ancestors and in-laws – of surviving DNA.

Deciding where to go, we could see that almost anywhere we landed in northern Spain or southern France, we would be walking where our Ice-Age ancestors had walked, and where countless other SW European ancestors had walked, breathed, lived and died.

neander map 1

This map showed us that anywhere in southern France and north Spain we would be right in the center of the ancient ancestry locations.

Under PALEOGENETICS this article – Close Encounters of the Prehistoric Kind by Ann Gibbons has the above wonderful map. Once I saw this I relaxed a bit, knowing we were choosing great locations to visit.

Hominid and Ancient DNA Test Results:

23andme offers a way for you to share your results with family and friends and even on Facebook or Twitter.



Copy of cherie ancient geno hominid

Family Tree DNA has its own story about early ancestors


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Family Tree DNA has a nice report for some of your ancient or rather ‘old’ results with their Metal Age and Hunter Gatherer and Early Farmer readings.

Here are two podcasts about the region in France of the caves and ancestors. One is in French and one is in English, so you can visit from your living room.

This is audio only but it describes everything we visited and so much more. If you cannot go yourself, this is the one video to watch for English-speakers. See below for the wonderful documentary in French.

The ladies on this podcast point out there is no air conditioning in

Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil. But they also say (and I agree) that the Lascaux IV reproduction is not to be missed and that museum was air conditioned. This does not seem to be the best trip for young children. We went in May and I could not have survived without air conditioning. Much of the trip I was leaving our room doors or windows open for air.
They also warn you NOT NOT to call about tickets and info for Font du Gaume. There is a toll number and this lady notes at about 30 minutes into the above podcast that it is an expensive pay-per-minute info line. She says she spent about 50 Euros on her phone bill trying to get information. In any case, they are closed on Saturdays and the only way to get tickets is to line up in person at the cave very early in the morning. You might wait as much as two or three hours with no food or facilities before they open the ticket window at 9:30 am. You can only buy same-day tickets, but you can see two caves and a rock shelter all in one day — if you are on line early enough. Only a set number of tickets are sold for each cave each day.

The ladies also talk about the other side of this region, including the countless other places to visit, at about 48 to 50 minutes in. It is a vacation paradise for families and solo travelers, elders and couples. The castles and canoeing and villages are described as being the most romantic and beautiful in all of France. But this trip was about caves and museums.

The DNA in cave art is not all human

The stories of the animals in the caves are as varied as the art itself. But now DNA and good research is proving and disproving theories. The number one thing to remember – this too can change. So move with the tide of progress.

At one time dappled horses depicted in the cave art were thought fantasy – illustrating the painters’ lack of intelligence, or their overactive imaginations. But then they found the genes for dappled horses as well as bay and black horses and all the other animals represented in the art of Lascaux Cave

A great blog of like mind

A great mention of the dappled horse on WordPress

Of all the caves we saw, Lascaux was the most magnificent. The cave itself is now closed to public view but the re-created cave and accompanying museum truly bring it to life. And of course you can then see real stone age cave art in many other caves nearby.

I wrote previously about the winner of vacation cave pleasure in northern Spain and warned all, especially elders and seniors, about slippery cave floors in places. In the Lascaux Cave recreation you are given everything you would see and feel in the real cave except for the damp and the challenging footing.

Lascaux IV

This is in French but has everything . Hopefully it will have subtitles one day:

Cocktail party testing

There are all kinds of DNA tests to be added and many different opinions about the reliability of the results. Beyond genealogy, anthropology and health and wellness, there are many new ways to enjoy our DNA including new test results, products and now – coming soonest – tours.

I can remember when admixture was pooh-poohed. But progressively it has gotten better and my criticism of admixture is becoming less fashionable.

SNP picking can now identify one gene which is Native American, or another gene that might show this or that – such as blue eyes and red hair in Neanderthals. Some genes are purported to identify Vikings or Israelites or some other ancient peoples.

There is no reason not to enjoy some of the cocktail party tests that link your genes to particular traits. They will tell you whether your ear wax is wet or dry and whether you flush when you drink alcohol. Then you can search for a known obscure gene that might prove your ancestors lived in a certain ancient time and place.


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These are photos from the two caves you can go into the caves themselves (photos from/about the rock shelter are below separate), plus the displays at Lascaux IV Cave Museum all near Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil. With the dappled, bay and black horses… plus

Hotel Le Moulin de la Beune


We stayed and ate at what must be the most charming place in all of Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil.


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Around the hotel and the town

See the other 1/2 dozen posts about other places visited and other aspects of the travel of this ancestor tour. Also you will find information about the other experts and their books and information they shared about their experiences visiting the areas. This below and others in the contents…

BE sure to see the Google Translate feature

The DNA of the cave painters has become more of a challenge than anyone thought – it has become a blog of its own.

There is utterly No – I repeat – NO documentation for this and I bvelieve it might even be “made up” assumption.

“…Haplogroup R1b
Haplogroup R1b was confined during the Ice Age to pockets of territory in Mediterranean Europe. The largest was in the Iberian peninsula and southern France, where men bearing the haplogroup created the famous cave paintings at Lascaux and Altamira. They also hunted mammoth, bison and other large game in a climate that was more like present-day Siberia’s than the mild conditions prevailing in southern Europe today….

This article might offer the best – current story of DNA for the artists – I am going to get to the bottom of this

Our lady of the rock shelter burial deserves DNA!


But I am certain she is portrayed too white.

about the first European with anylysis

The entire world is a melting pot – multiple populations on every corner of the earth.

“…The idea that there were once “pure” populations of ancestral Europeans, there since the days of woolly mammoths, has inspired ideologues since well before the Nazis. It has long nourished white racism, and in recent years it has stoked fears about the impact of immigrants: fears that have threatened to rip apart the European Union and roiled politics in the United States…”


More dis for archaeology for finding all the ancient DNA haplogroups

Massive walls

In a recent blog I wrote about 10s of thousands of years ago, humans were building walls. I think it is so important to remember. Maybe we should not be surprised, what some people, do and do not want. The person wrote above about some black folks not wanting to assimilate, this is important to remember how many folks want to retain culture and still love everybody anyway.

A 2,000 year old wall in Siberia.

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