ftDNA Has A New Dashboard ~ Its Great! Keep The Bifocals Handy!

Family Tree DNA announced a new dashboard! Love all things new. Why not? I did not read the announcement to see why they made the changes — whether to create new page formats for smart phones and tablets, or to add new and more page links, or a combination of all the above. All this is OK by me!

The problem I have is that I previously sent out screen-capture instructions to help folks easily learn where to click and for what, based on the earlier page layout. So this is to again help folks who are looking for a few pointers to find the best DNA-for-genealogy goodies to help interpret their ftDNA test results. No need to be discouraged; stuff did not move far and new stuff is added!

UPDATE: Because of some great feedback that is very important I am adding an update below about some problems with the site’s speed.

Copy 2of 1 Copy of dashboard feature pic ftdna 2019 new

The main thing I see right off is what I don’t see – or need to squint to read on my ole’ desktop. There is lots more information and a lot of links all on one page; this is good, but it also is much smaller print. So I will up the browser window zoom/magnification from 100% to a larger figure to accommodate. This ZOOM setting is from my internet provider page. On Google Chrome, at the top right click the three tiny vertical dots. A reader also commented that on a computer you can hold the CTRL (control) button (located on keyboard bottom left) and hit the + plus + sign and this will also increase the font size.


ftdna dashboard 1

Family Finder results are now on top. This is a disappointment. Previously, the tree was on top, then mt-DNA, and then Family Finder, running from top to bottom – sort of. I am disappointed because everyone ignores mt-DNA and this makes it easier to ignore – tut tut. The NEW feature would let us all pick and choose, but don’t let me get ahead of myself. BUT 😦 because we have the “new” fun feature, I really wish that mt-DNA had kept its higher standing on the page. Even though with the new features we can move it, many people don’t even know what it is.

Family Finder is the autosomal test of Family Tree DNA, it is the test everybody goes gaga over, and must have, so of course it is now on top. But, already, too few people test their mt-DNA. And yes, there is little to no genealogy to be found with mt-DNA, and it is pricey. But knowing your mt-DNA haplogroup is so very special.

I see they have added what they are calling a “badge” on the left side which shows my mt-DNA haplogroup.

Why? And it is a tacky little badge at that. With the money I spent with the company, getting that badge was the largest investment, pricewise. And it is just a blank badge on the so’n’so center medallion, and it is so small. Oh, geez, gotta just love it anyway, no choice, eh!

Copy of badge

The very expensive wee badge of mtDNA

ftdna dashboard 2

The tree is bumped to the very bottom. Already too few people participate and this also needs promoting and using and enjoying.

I had to go digging for my order history. The link is at the top right with the account settings! Those remain important to set! Opt in or out of participation and make sure your beneficiary is updated and your contact information is current.

ftdna accounts top right

TOP RIGHT tapping on your name or clicking with your cursor opens the pop-up window with account settings and order history. Be sure to keep up with your setting preferences. Opting in or out, beneficiaries, genealogy, contact information.


ftdna order

One order for Family Finder but three orders for mt-DNA. I might have thought the little badge could have been fancier. 🙂

All the fun is in getting to choose the extreme top of your page, personalizing what you like most!

See the Quick Links at the top and click. Then one at a time, select five of your favorite features to have at the top. I have selected Dai’s page to illustrate, creating Quick Links for all three of the main DNA tests.

quick 1

quick 2

quick 3

And for me – love it! Move this here and add this over there.

Copy of ftdna page


More blog sub-pages will be coming with how-tos for ftDNA features…

Featured Image: The changes are all mine and nothing to blame the artist/photographer for.

1 Copy of dashboard feature pic ftdna 2019 new

Featured Image: Dashboard, by Aaron Logan –  from Wikipedia


By By Aaron Logan – from http://www.lightmatter.net/gallery/albums.php, CC BY 1.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=13552

Thank you Aaron Logan.

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 1.0 Generic license.
You are free:

  • to share – to copy, distribute and transmit the work
  • to remix – to adapt the work
Under the following conditions:

  • attribution – You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.



Don’t you just love Wikipedia! Yes, yes, so many complain and sneer. But, have they taken the time to edit and help? The ever evolving Wikipedia has matured into a magnificent resource. Check it out! And consider donating just a very small amount. It helps all the world.


In feedback of the blog, one person spoke abut how awfully slow the site is – period. I think of ftDNA’s site as using Word Star, on an on 286 computer, with dial-up.

He also noted the maddening feature that does not work, and pops around like a mean jinn, flying off, just out of your grasp, every time you try to use it.

This is the feature of searching a surname, in either Names Advanced or in Ancestral Surnames.

Then you can tick one of those names, and click to see matches in common, or matches not in common. But no by the time you will be able to try to click In Common (or the other) the page will jump and either you can’t remove the surname in time and it times out and jumps back to the main matches page, or it just jumps anyway and poof – gone.

I have never tried to write about the “wonderful” feature – because it is a magnificent idea – IF IT WORKED. Which it does not.

One person suggested a newer device will take care of the problem, or a different browser. So I am taking that challenge. I have been using my FAV Google Chrome.

Working on my hard wired desktop that is powerful, with high speed business internet with booster.

I tried it on Internet Explorer and the slow thing interfered so badly I am not sure how far it did not get.

Copy of ftdna slow blog new page

ftdna slow blog new page





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