before… Memorial Day ~ Every Week-end Before, From The Time Of Spring Thaws – The Cleaning Of The Graves.

Women riding around with a trunk full of tools, containers of water, empty containers for more water, sturdy shoes and sundry other supplies for cleaning and preparing the graves at all the cemeteries around the towns and counties — and some across state lines — for Memorial Day (formerly called in some places Decoration Day). The before times were as good as if not better in some ways for playing in the countryside – for hearing the stories of where property lines were and so’n’so begat them all.

The military of America in the 20th century had personnel who spoke – was it 48 different languages? Peoples – patriots – immigrants born under dozens of different flags – coming together to fight for this one flag and now we turn those same people – descendants of our ancestors – away.


We must be true


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