DNA Testing For Medical ~ You won’t find me recommending it.

Of course I did do it myself, but I still take most of it with a grain of salt.

The worst thing happening about the DNA testing companies that add medical is apparently a couple of the companies are still testing about the same total number of SNPs (say genes) as most of the larger companies test, but they test less SNPs just for genealogy and more for medical. (See answer from… add link to answer) But the  DNA for genealogy SNPs are what we all truly hope for in testing – to learn more about ancestors.

The companies who offer medical readings, and one(s) who are also preparing to offer medical readings to the public in the future, but are currently selling on medical data for research, test about the same number of SNPs, just not as many SNPs for genealogy. But if you want medical from them, then you might also consider testing with multiple companies who offer different APPs and tools specifically for for genealogy. But if you can’t afford many testing companies then – choose carefully who you test with to begin with. What you get at different companies are vastly different products. (- I must write up an indepth info page for what each company has.)

I still say my first love is my favorite, Family Tree DNA, but they do ‘not’ test medical as the other companies do. But since there are companies where you can upload other party results for reading medical info from your raw DNA data then you can test with my favorite and eat your cake and have it also as the saying goes. Lots of genealogy and also raw data to expand your learning with. No subscriptions and software for a family tree with autosomal.

(No – at this point I am not making any money for shilling for them, I should ask for advertising from the blog people, what do you think?)

At this point I can still have a few more people in my project and then try to review results but I can’t make any promises from one day to the next with health issues. But join in if if you would like to test the non-medical DNA for genealogy company and our project is a hodgepodge of family, friends and genetic cousins, in-laws and fellow DNA for genealogy enthusiasts.

As I write the father’s day sale is on.


All this said, since those other medical DNA stuff companies test specific SNPs for medical then if you want to up load raw data for reading then I can’t really say which one to get for the best medical reading – so I am back to square one and I am just not recommending DNA for medical for anyone, any time – by any company.

My comments are all scrambled and then re-scrambled – to not identify any company or extra party upload.

Disturbing – the results from one reading, disturbing – but meaningless information for this stage of my life, since I am over 65 and I didn’t get any of those things, and if I did get these things now it would not really matter. But, if I was 20 years old, or 30, or even 40, I might be distressed over some suggested possible medical issues in my results.

One issue suggested a disease my near relative had but I did not have, and it would not matter at all if it turned up in me now, but again – if I were a younger woman this could have been upsetting.

So again I stop and caution – if you “take on” stuff – do not do the medical – I don’t take on stuff, and I am older now, so it does not matter.

But then? Does it matter? What about my relatives?

No – I say because I have seen too many differences in near relatives comparing folks

But yes – it dose matter because the info is being used in a qualitative way for research – for medical for insurance and lord only knows what else.

But our info is being given – or sold to research anyway from our medical care to what ever deal your life’s reach has, with or without personal DNA testing – so you might as well enjoy the readings yourself.

There is a (group/professor/researcher) – see link – which suggests a new DNA company where we could have our DNA there ourselves, and financially benefit from the sales ourselves – I will sign up for that one – first day.

So bottom line – our DNA for medical is already out there in all likelihood from maybe multiple sources. But this is my guess not my knowledge of any facts.

For the results? – no matter what they might be? – what good will it do to know something if you can’t find a doctor that might act on the information? I had one doctor to read a results and said, oh for that you could use this and that. But once back home with primary care, he growled ‘what is that?’ Yes, I needed a new doctor.

Another reason that I just cannot recommend is the fine print – No one ever reads it. And this is a issue that I actually got around to reading some fine print and I was surprised and so insist to actually read the fine print.

With the many ways any testing results could vary – I say – for entertainment purposes only.

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Finding cousins with DNA for genealogy is one thing – putting too much faith for your health and life cannot come from one source, but as with all of life we need multiple sources for information. We need to keep perspective and balance.

So who does this stuff?

Well, there is 23andme and there is 23andme.


A place to upload your autosomal DNA raw data is Promethease and you will get a reading of medical information and no matching – the cost varies – and there have been some free uploads with a reading at times – I do not know if they will ever have another.


You can also upload your autosomal DNA raw data to DNA.land and NOT – NOT get medical but contribute to medical research and you will get an admixture reading and a bit of genealogy matching. This is free for the time being.



I tested myself. For all the good it did. My mother had a blood clot in the brain and barely lived and was debilitated from it. Her father had a hemorrhage in the colon and did not survive it. My results say this is a medical issue I am at a higher risk for but the doctor saw no reason to act on any of this information – family medical history or DNA results.

The great blogger Debbie Cruwys Kennett (who happens to share maiden name with one of my close family) shared this article about ‘how it (some of it) works’



Please let me know of any additional places to test and upload raw data. And certainly I am open to considering any corrections.

For information:








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