Cherie Lynn’s DNA 101s With New Charts And New Links To Charts


I have ordered new charts for my how to and what to DNA for genealogy. All the posts from before January are in need of their modernization and removed.


I will have – hopefully – more senior friendly charts for all us aging dinosaurs on pages that are standard computer page for printing at home. And easy blogs for understanding each type of DNA test as simple 101 instructions. Shorter and clearer and big print very soon!

In-between see all the tests explained in previous blogs in the contents list, on the right if on a computer – and maybe below if on a phone or tablet.


Below – some of the ideas for new charts as I have gotten them drafted in the last few months, but they are in need of their own page and explanation


cherie fan chart dna best names



1 Copy of Copy of Copy of chart copy




The collection of charts from the experts:


You =of course cannot beat Cyndi’s List for finding everything – more than i could dream of.








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