July The II, III and IV

Scattered? you betcha’. Dumb-struck? seriously. Stopped dead in my tracks? yes. At a loss for words? of course. I got an (sort of) unexpected 1555 cM match.

I can say, I know how it feels. It is stunning as in stunned.

The match is more stunned than me and after 3 weeks of this sinking in, I might as well write something about it because the impact of the new found relative has altered words just a bit.

I wrote on July 2nd,

“…According to my father, it happens to be his birthday today, I have a sister out there somewhere. I was told by him someone got in touch and my step mother objected to contact. This was about 45 years ago. He told my late little sister also and she also encouraged me to find her. So my DNA is everywhere. Nothing so far, but if she ever tests and IF she is really Sam’s daughter, when she tests she will see her results with ‘immediate family match’ waiting – she will have a half sister and an aunt and cousins…”


I am not sure if the results came in that day or the next, I did not see them first, the match saw them on the 3rd and wrote via Ancestry messages which I read the morning of July the 4th 2018. The match wrote:

“…On a whim I did the Ancestry DNA test…”


In my blog drafts sit a few stories, now on hold while I catch my breath

Now what? Autosomal Matches

Now why? Nothing worthwhile in autosomal matches

Now what? y-DNA matches

Now why? Nothing worthwhile in y-DNA matches

and so on.

There are also a handful of stories about Sam. And this month’s match is adding many Sam stories via bringing back floods of memories… more.

Sam died before DNA for genealogy came along and I came close to having Family Tree DNA test the flaps and stamps of these two envelopes.

The price was reasonable enough, for what they were doing at the time, but they cautioned 12 markers only for X amount – this must have been 10 years ago – I will find the email.  I hesitated then hoping for better technology, but later when I had decided I should try they were no longer do this testing. So I still have Sam’s DNA

1 Copy of sam dna letter 001

1 Copy of sam dna letter 004


2 Copy of sam dna letter 001

2 Copy of sam dna letter 004

But in the end I got my 1/2 2nd cousin 1x to test both autosomal for verification and he got to enjoy his results and also his y-DNA.

So I tested my cousin, he matched me with only 40 cMs but with my father’s sister came in with a whopping 204 cMs, Longest Block 39 cMs – and he gives us

my father’s presumed y-DNA haplogroup – – – I-Y5673

His presumed mt-DNA from his sister is H1ag1

The new match? 1555 cMs with me, and with my father’s sister 2176.2 cMs.

But the match has led to more family history.

Aunt Fanny said, “but… should be older than you.”

Me, “Really?”

Aunt Fanny, “Yes, Mamma saw the baby, with a head full of red hair”

Maybe there is more to come…


Hints and Helps for y-DNA if your immediate family is passed away – in memory of my dear cousin




more on y-DNA



Oh, how did it go? With the new match? Just fine.

What did I do? Well, right off the bat the match realized and deemed me a DNA Guru. Without skipping a beat – I said A – to Zed just how to make sure there has not been a mistake – this is serious stuff – this is people’s lives and life changing. Everyone should see the match in other systems and make sure it all holds up.

I sent instructions down to the “on this page on the right side SEE setting” and click LOOK for the download your DNA and follow the steps.

Upload everywhere – Aunt So n’ so tested here, cousin the other tested over there, and nephew tested with

Family Tree DNA ~ our first love

I could not wait to compare our match – and phase our DNA in ftDNA’s APP –



In memory of the late Robin Ann






2 thoughts on “July The II, III and IV

  1. Yes, this can be life changing. I began doing DNA testing a dozen years ago and have tested everywhere and uploaded everywhere, and my sister always made fun of me. Then on a whim she decided to test, and we discovered that she and I are only half-sisters. She is younger than me, and our mom (until her death) was married to Dad for 60 years. So Dad has tested and so have cousins and aunts and uncles, and you get the picture. Anyway, our mom obviously had an affair, and my half sister was the result. My dad’s name is on my sister’s birth certificate. Unfortunately, my dad, who is still living, had to find out about all of this while he is in his 80s.


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