At Mz Pearl’s Knee ~ My 60 Years of Family History Memories, I wish I had listened more closely.

One of my earliest memories is hanging onto the hem of my grandmother’s skirt, going down worn steps into dark, dusty basements of country offices and locating marriage records. Then back up to the clerk’s office, look for the name and address in the local phone book and off we would go to visit great aunt so’n’sos granddaughter.

Later when I married, I fit right in, my father-in-law and his sister spread charts out on the dining table with connecting names and source notes. Almost 50 years after that we are still looking for the father of Jacob from circa 1750.  Yes we have every record and multiple testers for the y-DNA and au-DNA.

Four continents, a dozen countries, and a life in investigative journalism, led to work in  traditional genealogical research incorporating DNA for genealogy using y-DNA, mt-DNA and later au-DNA.

I research all the siblings and cousins of all the ancestors – I work them all back in time, but more important I research all the lines’ patriarchs and matriarchs from the past forward to today. One might look for photos, memorabilia and family bibles among relatives but often in-laws and sometimes even neighbors might have been close to family members and might have valuable information.

I have added the DNA of my mother and the sister of my late father, 2nd cousins of three of my four grandparents (the fourth I still hope will come around) and multiple 2nd cousins once removed. I have done this not only for my own family but also for the hubby and family and many of the 1st cousins and then the clients just turned up.

I work using the DNA testing of several of the companies, from my first love Family Tree DNA, then Genographic 1 and later 2, then 23andMe, had to add AncestryDNA and LivingDNA and just for the info added Helix for Insitome (no matching for genealogy). I uploaded to MyHeritage, added to DNA.Land for posterity and also the much loved Gedmatch. For some of the guys, I added DNACymru and who will be the next new comer for DNA testing.

I have traditional research for all family lines with multiple primary and secondary records and am still working to verify my family lines, using autosomal DNA to verify my relationship to male-line cousins of each of my surname lines and then also learning their y-DNA and their family group matches in each of their surname projects.

And I still learn something new everyday.

1Copy of 01a Copy of cherie known dna haplogroups

Copy of pearl ethel ryan cemetery stripling

Emma Pearl and Mary Ethel the sisters of families histories – talked the tales until dawn a few times over cheese and black coffee.


I have a tech glitch and will re-share this page when all the links are added to go to the various research sets.


See the blogs with our research travels as well as our home research centers.


National Archives Washington, D.C.

National Archives College Park


Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia

Historical Society of Westmoreland County, Virginia

Page Library of Genealogy and History Montpellier, Virginia

Albemarle and Charlottesville Historical and Genealogical Society, Virginia

Charles City County, Virginia

King William County, Virginia

Pamunkey Museum, Virginia

Mattapony Museum, Virginia

Goochland County, Virginia

Port Royal, Caroline County, Virginia

Amherst County, Virginia



States Archives Boston, Massachusettes

…, Rhode Island

Library Barnstable, Massachusetts

Library Sandwich, Massachusettes

Mansfield, Connecticut Historical and Genealogical Soceity


Stokes Library, Cocke County, Tennessee

French Broad River, Hot Springs, North Carolina

Burke County, Library, North Carolina


Cecil County Historical Society, Maryland

Harford Abeerdeen Property, Maryland

Calvery County, Maryland


Morgan County, West Virginia


Ontario, Canada

Toronto, York, Canada

Huron North, Canada

Glamorgan, South West Wales

Carmarthenshire, South West Wales


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music for genealogy – songs for blogs

John Denver’s Grandma’s Feather Bed




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