Doggie DNA ~ Are You Kidding Me?

No, I’m not kidding. You know I did. You KNOW I did, all three of the dogs, not just one, but all three. The last one passed before we could try a second new company so this review is one-sided and all about the Wisdom Panel by MARS Veterinary.

I did get a kit from Embark the day they went on sale but I still have it and I have no idea about it, I am sorry to say so I can’t review it – not yet.

I mentioned testing to one of the rescue people who I admire and respect their views and they were very unhappy with the testing. But I know the database is said to come from XXX Kennel Club (IS IT???? samples. Or was it??? I better check this again before i have a senior moment –

But human DNA admixture has some improving to do – one company says of it, (paraphrased) they have about a 50% confidence in the results. And where did I read one human DNA company used to say in their disclaimer about admixture, ‘for entertainment purposes only’.

And what I also say in my Human DNA admixture comparison? “I love ALL my admixtures, some more than others no matter how different or similar they are – they are all me.”

Santa Lucia Dora was the first to test our beloved Lucy adopted from the most wonderful rescue group in Southern Maryland – oh, in all the world. And the most amazing dog fosters ever.

Copy of lucie scan of dna cert


Next came our Granny and we continued the tradition of adopting senior dogs and testing them for DNA


dna granny


And our last pup was also an ancient old lady – Lola.

Copy of lola 5dna2

Just after I ordered the Embark we learned our Lola was truly unwell. I decided I should not send a swab from a sickly dog. But in the end I was sorry we didn’t test her because I believed she was more Australian Cattle Dog than pup, if not more Dingo than anything.

I don’t know if there is a commercial test for Dingo but I still believe Miss Lola was as much Dingo as pup.

I still miss them all – The Rainbow Bridge


The fur babies on

The famous case of the lady whose baby, Azaria Chamberlain, was taken off by a Dingo – finally exonerated many years later.

Exonerated finally –

The results of Doggie DNA speak for themselves in the pictures of the results pages, they are lots of fun, and what else would be more wonderful to give a DNA enthusiast who has dogs than a Doggie DNA testing kit?

The other company that I have a kit from but have not used it yet so I cannot review

From 2004: “…Increasing numbers of DNA exonerations have highlighted the problem of wrongful conviction in the United States. This paper considers how effectively DNA testing is utilised for the purpose of exonerating wrongly convicted people in Australia, in light of the current measures and mechanisms relating to its use in this country…”

The wonderful animal rescue in Southern Maryland – there are several but Lucie came from




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