Admixture: A Comparison – part 2.

[This is only talking about admixture, these companies/sites have many other features – and most are more about the other features and the admixture is secondary – or even third] This page is always in need of updates and is being updated all along – admixture  changes like the seasons.

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE – my admixture(s) ALL of them

I wrote about the admixture portion of the au-DNA (or at-DNA if you prefer) test recently and you can see that story in the blog contents, that story is also about haplogroups. This will go a bit more in depth about  companies’ admixture by offering the results to view. (I add a little about some of the other features of some companies. I might not have the time right now to write many details about all these different companies but this is a start ONLY – and ONLY – for the admixture portion of the autosomal test for “some” companies.

Here are results – and by the time anyone might read this, any company might have altered their software, it might look totally different and might have updated information – so one needs to check many more things and not make any decisions based on this information. If anyone wants to be removed just let me know – I will take you off the list.

This is just sharing my own results and how I feel about them. – Yes – feel.

cherie fan chart dna best names

When looking at admixture we must not read too much exact into anything. Besides the fact that there are a lot more SNPs that can be read and this is an overview – this is not a test that includes “whole genome” reading. Maybe this will come in my lifetime as affordable – but I doubt it.

We must not forget the test reading of admixture, of any company, is only part of your ancestry. Remembering ‘pedigree collapse, we know, we are ALL people – every admixture of every peoples – at some time or another – all of us – we all go back to a source of ancestry. We are Bell Beaker peoples – we are African peoples – we are Asian peoples… and most of us are a bit of each.

“…”If we could go back and live again in all of our two hundred and fifty million arithmetical ancestors of the eleventh century,” Henry Adams wrote in 1904 of those with Norman-English blood, “we should find ourselves doing many surprising things, but among the rest we should certainly be ploughing most of the fields of the Contentin and Calvados; going to mass in every parish church in Normandy; rendering military service to every lord, spiritual or temporal, in all this region; and helping to build the Abbey Church at MontSaint- Michel.”…”

But this is true for any and every region on earth – every group of people there are and not just those of Norman-English blood. So in looking at our admixtures we must take into consideration – who is in the database of the company or software that is reading you and how deep or shallow they go.

Family Tree DNA

My oldest and still my favorite. Like the first kiss of first love – they are accurate and do not try to stretch beyond assured results. Other companies have now complied more to truth, but many were disappointed with ftDNA admixture results – but turned out they were more honest and truthful –

If you can do only one company, I still say do this one. It is not just admixture – in Family Tree DNA’s – FAMILY FINDER test you get a place for a tree, matching with relatives and the amounts of shared genes is easily displayed. There are great and easy tools to compare relatives in other ways a few at a time for deep genealogy research, view which chromosomes you match on and how many on them, there is also the great feature of identifying your x-gene matches and a wonderful tree where you can link genetic relatives and the shared genes can read and “phase” other relatives in the database by identifying whether paternal or maternal. And this will help to identify some


Copy of cherie admix ftdna 2018

Many times, many companies try and do ‘try’ to define the many groups in the blue – but it is just so convoluted this is more truthful – it includes the coastal regions of western Europe – Germany, Belgium, France, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The genetics are so identical – there are few who attempt – there are some which you will see below that give it a good try. But for what is being read and for the participants then we have a blue lump. We also have Southeast Europe and the region around the central Mediterranean and the Alps and my genealogy reflects a large swath with ancestors that include also the families of SE Germany and through to the Tyrol and my mt-DNA Haplogroup H10a1 ancestresses and their families. And the wonderful and tiny fraction of Finland. I was reared in the state of Alabama in the USA on learning about tiny part of Finland that I can claim, I was re-acquainted with the Leningrad Cowboys rendition of ‘Sweet Home Alabama” – For fun facts for my family history aka herstory, I am not begging to be a Viking – I am a Fin – or anything else I might choose


There are many admixtures one might hope for from all around the world while they wait for their ancestry. Americans and many Canadians do not know for sure where they came from and so want to know where they are from, who they might be. I think this is one of the reasons Americans will often want to ask where someone is from, or what are they, because some Americans are lost in a displaced persons state of mind, and they are searching for themselves in the faces of others. But this is also true elsewhere many Asians also have the known mass migrations of peoples and long to know who am I…? For some others they are startled by any questioning, wanting to hide their identity based on past political upheavals. Some don’t want to know, fearing they will be too black, and others don’t want to be too white. But for the fun stuff some long to be an Indian Princess and others which to be a Viking – I am quite happy being 2% Finnish, and from Alabama.

A sad story about this music is the tragedy that occurred. The Red Army Choir was in a tragic airplane wreck and all on the plane died. There were just a few who were not on the flight.



dna cherie ftdna

You can see under the heading of Family Finder which is the au-DNA, the autosomal DNA test of Family Tree DNA. My Origins is the admixture you see above for me and it also tells my percentages of very early ancestors – the Early Farmers % and the Hunter Gatherers %. And you see I have the most comprehensive reading of my maternal DNA, my mt-DNA.

and ftDNA old version

Copy of cherie origins

2014 version, I believe



This is NOT – NOT for genealogy. But this is an amazing read of admixture. This is only about admixture and not about genealogy tools or matching cousins, this is pure dee wonderful and feel good all over, telling me about who I am and they have an extensive  reading of me myself and I.

This is a brand new company and I can say this is not DNA for genealogy again, as in finding relatives – at least I have no idea if they intend any matching in the future this is all about them comparing me to their extensive world database of groups of peoples.

(…via sequencing by Helix)

The DNA test is bought from Helix and after that you can buy a number of different “readings” of various information from Insitome – their first was the Hominid test. Yes, I did that also and I have the average of early human ancestor amounts. (…….) fill in.

Copy of cherie dna insitome ancestry

My main overall admixture page on Insitome – and I love it. Much work went into adding the many signatures into their program and their efforts paid off in my opinion. Knowing my documented ancestral lines very well and also knowing the haplogroups as well as country of origin also for many ancestrors I want to think and feel they do have this done very well. It reads Western European 52%; North Mediterranean 26% East European 22%.


Then they have a page for telling me about each one of these regions – here is one.

Copy of cherie dna insitome ancestry 26 northern mediterranean


I hope one day they will take other party uploads, then we could read mother’s also.

But this test, group of tests are the frills, of DNA if you are after genealogy you will be disappointed, but this blog post is about admixture and the next in the list also does not have matching or help for genealogy, not yet and there is no reason to think they might add matching or aids for genealogy.

To enjoy the Insitome Apps test with Helix and they have many other companies who also offer Apps to read your DNA from wine likes, metabolism, art and clothing made from your DNA picture, family planning and more adding all the time.

Genographic Project

The admixture has an interesting take on me and along with the expected WE and UK they name my secondary region Romania – I love it another feel good result.

Copy of cherie admix geno2 2018

Copy of cherie admix geno3 2018

Besides the admixture, with Genographic you will get the estimate of your Hominid amounts (mine was Neanderthal 1.0% and Denisovan 1.0%), and if a woman your presumed mt-DNA haplogroup (H – i is not deeply refined, the base) and if a man your presumed mt-DNA haplogroup and also your y-DNA presumed early male paternal haplogroup.




The biggest database and again I say the same thing if you can only afford one company to test with and you need large numbers of matches for some reason then the 800 Pound Elephant in the room that will likely get so big they will swallow everyone. The largest database. If you are western European and looking for biological family and can only afford one test, this should be the best place to start.


Copy of cherie admix ancestrydna 2018

They utilize linking trees to define even USA and other regions to identify where people are from recently – and that is unique and fun. They also have advertised the most and have the largest numbers of participants and particularly if you are adopted or looking to solve a missing person or an NPE non-paternity event, then AncestryDNA is the one for you. The test might be little in price but then the subscription to see other trees and other records really adds up. But the reading of their admixture of you is wonderful to have.

And now the new AncestryDNA admixture results

1 Copy of cherie dna ancestry update

But there is also the 2 generations ago of AncestryDNA

Copy of cherie ethnic ancestrydna


23andMe – 


Copy of cherie dna 23 admix 2018


Old version 23andme

Copy of Copy of cherie ethnic ancestry 23andme dna


Last tester – but not least in admixture.  Very exciting new offering of DNA for genealogy. I will update when they launch the matching which should be soon for the matching.

In between a most detailed description and very specific for British Isles – their entire database is founded on UK participants and Europeans (??how many??) and gives another perspective and for the UK reading of me then the winner as the holder of details of the largest part of me.

I LOVED this! And, I got the book and the matching of relatives is COMING SOONEST!


Copy of cherie admix livingdna 2018 subregional



I did not test with MyHertiage but you can test with them also. This reading of me is from a raw data upload. They are much more than a DNA testing and matching company website – they also have genealogy records and you can build a family tree and many wonderful features.


My heritage from the land!


Copy of cherie dna myheritage1




They only take uploads and you will need to check their website to make sure your results can be uploaded to them from your raw data. I did get matches and they were all the dinosaur – ‘I have done every DNA test ever’ people, who you see everywhere – they are actively researching and you will be very fortunate indeed if you match someone who can help and has time to help and not getting too long in the tooth to help one’s self much any more – so I write here for everyone – to help themselves and each other.

This is a research site. No Matching but a wee bit of genetic matching – it is a small database of participants and we hope they have more.


Copy of cherie dnaland admix 1





The now famous gedmatch. They are a must – but they are more public than other sites – but with many admixture readings – many tools for genealogy, for matching and a tree. Make a free sign in and go look around.

They do not test they take raw data uploads so please check to make sure they will take your testing company’s raw data.

Several of their different admixture software programs for reading DNA – these below are all me.

Gedmatch is and will remain the necessity if you have your autosomal and love learning about yourself from your data. There is lots to see and do


Copy of gedmatch 2




cherie chromo compressed

This article below, by Tina Hesman Saey, has information about admixture and notes how much the results vary – whether it is because the companies have different terms or different – anything – whatever the reason – choose different companies or software to read your admixture.

from this article in Science News they have a 23andme link which I add below to a PDF which includes, that 23andme says it has “50% statistical confidence in the ethnicity results”

Click to access 23-16_ancestry_composition.pdf

Like I always say – I love ALL my admixtures.

One of my expanded projects of River People –

Are there rivers on Mars? If there are, they will be included in this project.

Remember if you are in doubt about what test with what company there are lots of people to ask – start with each company – and use the above list to help formulate your questions.

See you in matches!

My favorite pedigree collapse and genealogy story – the quote above about the mathematics of descent is from here also,













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